Confession: I am not a beach loving person. While Ryan and Mai, my two closest friends, dream of spending their summer visiting the beach – Boracay, Palawan, Batangas etc., I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything if I don’t get to do so.

I’ve been to Boracay twice already and it happened to be on the same year, about five years ago. The first time was on vacation with Ryan and Mai and the second was for my company’s team building activity. Still, when my friends said we should go on a vacation to Boracay this summer, I said yes. I knew it was going to be a different experience – after all, it was going to be the first time we were going to travel as a foursome – Mai, Ryan and Ver.  
Travels allow you to get to know people better. Mai is laidback and go-with-the-flow. My best friend, Ryan’s the planner. He usually has an itinerary when traveling. Ver’s also laidback and seems to be a go-with-the-flow kind of person. Also she likes to sleep in. While everyone else has gotten up for breakfast, she’s still in bed. Ryan told me Ver’s not really a breakfast person. 
Me? Well, I like travels that have an itinerary of things to do, things to see. I like travels that involve a whole lot of going around places – be it theme parks, museums, restaurants or what have you.

Also, I always find it challenging to pack light. If budget was of no concern to me at all, you betcha I’d have a check in luggage. I always have a big bag because I like having the space where I can possibly squeeze all that I might need for vacation in it! Actually, even when in the city, I like carrying a big bag. 


My travel bag for this vacation? A Cabin Zero I recently bought. I’ve only known about this travel bag this year but apparently, it’s been around for awhile and it’s quite a popular brand! Now I know why. Do you know that this has a tracker that you can register so you can trace your luggage in case it gets lost? I registered mine at
This is also a perfect handcarry bag because it fits in the overhead cabin. I so love the color of this bag. It screams summer doesn’t it? Plus it’s so spacious! That actually got in handy when we were on our way back to Manila. Ryan brought his SLR camera to Boracay and it contributed to his hand carry being overweight by a few kilos. Only 7 kilos is allowed for hand carry! Well rather than pay Php1,500 for luggage check in, we put it in my bag instead. 
For the first time in a long while, we didn’t have a set itinerary for our travel. But then again, I suppose it’s understandable. It is Boracay – a beach. You’re supposed to take in the scenery of the calming blue sea, relax and take in the people walking aroud aka check out the hot locals and foreigners at the beach. Ha! Ha!   
The beach was a mix of blue and green because of the algae. Still this was a beautiful sight to see in the morning and by the number of people who swam at the beach, it was clear nobody minded the algae. 
Taken around Station 1, near the grotto where there were fewer people around
In Boracay, we did a whole lot of walking… 

And eating…

It’s hot in here!
Cocktails in the afternoon by the beach! Yasss! 

And while I’m honestly not someone you’d spot wearing a two piece at the beach and getting her photo taken wearing it, I thought I would make an exemption this time. After all, I’ve been working hard to lose weight. Sayang namang hindi i-display ang beach body kahit dito lang sa blog and IG!  

There were really just two activities for the whole Boracay stay. One was island hopping. We went to Carabao Island where Pucca beach is. 
Maybe another reason I’m not a fan of the beach is because I’m scared of the open waters. I guess blame it on movies of sinking ships and JAWS that I watched growing up. I was the only one who was scared of riding this boat – the one that was going to take us to Pucca beach. It’s not the first time I’ve done island hopping but it’s the first time I was asked to sit on the sides of the boat – not inside – where there is a net set up. I was like “is this safe?” ; “teka kuya! wala ba hawaka?” and “OMG. Ver! Wag ka gumalaw ng gumalaw! Baka masira ung net mahulog tayo.”  I had no chill basically! Ha! Ha!

But we got to the island safe and sound where another amazing view of Boracay welcomed us. 
This is also the only place where we swam and took a whole lot of photos! 

Wearing my borrowed Katipunero hat! 

Photo with the Red Pirates crew who brought us island hopping and back 

We also partied the night away in Boracay at the Epic 2017 Music Festival. After all, when in Boracay, you party!

In search of a place to have lunch on Thursday, we visited Diniwid Beach where Spider House was located. The view was amazing that’s for sure! A whole lot of foreigners hung out around the area too.

Some of the most interesting things that happened to us in Boracay:

We witnessed a fire dance show while having dinner at Red Coconut. 

We were given Beach Hut beach balls when we bought drinks at Beach Hut Bar and we ended up playing Dodge Ball by the beach.

I’m not very good at it. I was usually the first to get hit.

We took home those beach balls and the the Beach Hut plastic cup we drank in as souvenirs of our trip.

On our way back from Diniwid Beach, we found this tricycle that offered a free ride to folks. The only condition was to buy C2 from them. Our tricycle ride to Diniwid cost us Php150. At Php25 each for the C2, we saved Php50. Also, Ver loved C2! It was her go-to drink while we were in Boracay. We got to try their newest flavor, Melon. Quite good. But I still prefer their Apple flavor.

Lastly, at Pucca beach, we met Zac, a cute American guy who was enjoying his alone time flying a drone around the island. Just as we were about to leave, I mustered the courage to talk to him. He said he was from Guam but originally from Atlanta and it was his first time in Boracay. I wish I asked him out to dinner or drinks with us when he shared that he had no plans just yet that night. But I chickened out so after our brief conversation, we said goodbye.

Interestingly enough, the following day when we decided to have lunch at Spider House located at Diniwid beach, we saw him again. Such a coincidence! I didn’t think we’d see him again in Boracay. 
Here’s Ver posing for the camera. And right there on the side is Zac. Stolen shot! Ha! Ha! Okay I did muster up enough courage to say hello to him again at Spider House when he passed by our table after jumping in the water. He’s so friendly! And talkative! But he was with his friends by then and so the chances of hanging out with him were long gone. Oh well. It’s one for the books.
So that’s my vacation in Boracay, my first travel for the year. Five lovely days of rest and relaxation. Where to next? Time to plan.