Already half of 2017 has gone by. How has yours been? My 2017 so far has shaped up to be full of goodbyes. There was a goodbye that made me sad and brought me to tears. There’s the kind that’s bittersweet and the kind that brought me a feeling of lightness and joy. And for each goodbye, there was a song that came to my mind to describe that goodbye. 

Loss of a beloved friend

This is the sad goodbye. Earlier on this year, I lost a dear friend to cancer. Mark had been my friend since high school. He loved trying out new tech stuff. He made me try a U-sim before when we were younger and couldn’t afford to have a phone plan. It gave free load to its users that you can use to text any network and in return, you just have to endure receiving ad messages. He was also the one who made me try Facebook when it was just starting out and everyone else was on Friendster. Remember those days? 
He also loved movies. He was my go-to-guy when it came to opinions of whether a certain talked about movie would be worth watching. I remember being one of the first of friends to watch Harry Potter because he was such a fan and watching a 3D film long before IMAX came into popularity. 
One of my last photos with Mark, taken during the last time he came to visit
And even when Mark went to live in abroad, we stayed in touch via LINE. Honestly, when he told me he was sick, I cried. I knew there was a possibility of losing him to the disease. That’s how I lost Dad. But I always thought really that he’d pull through. He’d kick cancer’s ass. Unfortunately, Mark succumbed to the disease in February. I miss him a lot. I sometimes think he’s just busy living his life in London but that one of these days, he’ll come back. He’ll reach out via LINE again. Sometimes when I pass by Conrad Hotel, I remember him and I miss my friend all over again. 
Letting go of a love that can never be 

For a time, I was so in love with someone whom I thought just got me. It was unfortunately a complicated relationship. And even though I wanted to believe we could pull through it, you know against all odds, I’ve finally accepted that sometimes, no matter how much you want it, there are just somethings that aren’t meant to be.
It was a dark period in my life I would say. Full of drama. But now that I’ve finally said goodbye, I no longer wake up with a heavy heart. Nowadays, I’m just feeling free. Ready and open for new possibilities in life and love. 


Stepping out of my comfort zone

I’ve been in my current work for 6 years now. But I’m saying goodbye to my current company. Stepping out of my comfort zone and taking my chances at a new job. I’m excited about what lies ahead but I’m also somehow sad to be leaving.
It’s a job that’s challenged me, frustrated me, stressed the hell out of me but overall pushed me to become better at what I do. My superiors are seriously nice people – so easy to approach. And I have over time, made so many friends at the office. 
Soon I’ll be saying goodbye to my baby account too – Lenovo. I’ve enjoyed handling it all these years. I so believe in their products that my phone and laptop are Lenovo. Heck I even think their Motorola Moto Z line of smartphones with its Moto Mods are seriously cool that I’ve even thought about buying that too! 
One last Motorola event for the road 

I will miss working with these wonderful peeps
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end right?