Last year, around this same time, I wrote a post about how 2017 was shaping up to be. I called it The Different Kinds of Goodbye because well it was full of goodbyes. It was still all about saying goodbye up to the end of the year because I found myself leaving the job I thought I wanted.

Now that we’re in August 2018, I found myself looking back to how this year has been so far for me. This year seems to be about Hellos.

Hello second chances   
Last year, I decided to leave in search of greener work pastures. But I ended up realizing I was better off where I was before so I left the shiny new workplace and went back to the previous one. I’ve been back for 8 months now. The only difference is I am no longer part of the PR group. I’m part of the digital marketing group. New challenges. Same company. 
I also have a couple more travels lined up for this later part of the year. Going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Hongkong and Macau. I’ve been to all these places before. My first ever trip abroad brought me to Kuala Lumpur and my first travel with my mom was to the latter two. But here I am, going back!
Hello new adventures
This year, I’m finding myself exploring again. Remember when I went to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar? And when I celebrated my birthday with a trip to The Dessert Museum
I might have gone to Kuala Lumpur already but honestly I didn’t enjoy it the first time around. It was work that brought me there – to chaperone winners of a contest and it was overnight. I did see Petronas Twin Towers and the Blue Mosque from afar and got to buy chocolates and a little souvenir but I didn’t really get to experience much of it. 
Same goes for HK-Macau. I did see some places in both but I want to go back and explore some more. Take more photos too! 
Hello new friends
My best friend has been in a relationship for almost a year now! And that means I’ve known his partner, Dom for that long as well! He’s a sweet guy who’s crazy in love with my best friend and honestly who could blame him? I think he’s nice and he’s amusing with his corny jokes. I’m glad to know him. 
Rej is also a new friend. I’ve known him for awhile since he teaches the Body Jam class at the gym but we’ve never really interacted much ’til this year. He’s a cool guy who seems to be a lot like Ryan   – personality wise. Who would’ve thought a spontaneous movie invite could bring me a new friend? 
Current List

Currently Reading: Origin by Dan Brown
I super love Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon novels. They’re so full of mystery and suspense! Plus the descriptions of the places that Professor Langdon finds himself going to just make me want to visit Europe and US more! If people who loved Koreanovelas went on a travel visiting famous places featured in those shows, I’d be the one doing a Robert Langdon travel itinerary. 
Almost done with the book. Well halfway through it at least. I would’ve honestly finished by now if only I didn’t have to wake up early the next morning. I am super intrigue with this story and I can’t wait to find out what happens! 
Currently Thinking About: The new Plains and Prints x Mark Bumgarner collection

So local fashion brand, Plains and Prints recently launched their newest collection – a collaboration with fashion designer, Mark Bumgarner and I love the designs! Have you seen them? I’m honestly a fan of Plains and Prints. I love how chic, playful and colorful their designs are.
Currently Saving Up For: Well my travels of course! 
I promised myself that I will not depend on the salary I will get right before I travel for my pocket money. I even downloaded an app where I set a target amount to save for my trips and a deadline to which I should have met my goal. 
It’s called Saving Made Simple. Just as its name says, it makes keeping a record of my savings simple to manage. I’m actually not just using it to keep track of my travel funds but for all other savings I have. 

Recent Watch: Like Father 

It’s a new Netflix original film that stars Kelsey Grammer and Kristin Belle. You have to watch it! It’s such a tear jerker! Also it makes you realize that while work is important, there are other aspects of your life you just shouldn’t forget to make time for.

Here’s a trailer:

I also did watch Veronica on Netflix. I heard claims it’s so scary that a lot of people can’t bring themselves to finish it. It’s from a true story. But well in my honest opinion, the movie was dragging. 
It’s a psychological thriller that’s worth reading. Trust me. 
What’s on your current plate? I would love to know.