I love having a Netflix. It lets me watch a movie or show anytime I want – old and new alike. Anyway, here I am back with another set of films I’ve recently seen that you might like… or not.

1. Hotel Transylvania 2

I haven’t seen the first movie because it’s not available on Netflix but this movie seemed to call to me so I decided to watch it anyway because I was in the mood to watch something family friendly. Also I thought my goddaughter who was there at our house that afternoon would be enticed to watch as well. But nobody could tear her away from her Peppa Pig. LOL! Oh well.

This is such a cute film that stars Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez and Andy Sandberg to name a few. Also funny.

2. Wreck it Ralph

Another computer animated film I watched and I have to say I can’t believe it took me so long before I got around to watching it! There’s already a sequel to it with the Disney princesses! I’m not sure if the sequel’s been shown in cinemas since I just saw on Google that Disney’s reanimating Wreck it Ralph because they received backlash from lightening Princess Tiana’s (from the Princess and the Frog) skin. Maybe it was pulled out of the theaters first?  
3. Nappily Ever After

What a powerful message this film sends! Critics are actually divided on their opinions of whether they love it or hate it. Read my review on this
4. Gerald’s Game

Oh what a twisted Netflix original film this is! It’s a psychological horror film based on the same book title written by Stephen King. Imagine being handcuffed on a bed with your dead husband, a hungry dog and no one else around for miles. I’d lose my mind for sure – if I don’t die first. 
5. The Glass House

This stars Leelee Sobieski as an orphaned teenager with her younger brother forced to live with her parents’ appointed guardians after a car crash killed both her parents. It’s a mystery thriller. It’s not so bad to watch in my opinion though it’s not really very exciting either. Probably the most exciting part of this movie for me was the end part. 

6. No Reservations

A romcom/drama film that stars Catherine Zeta-Jones as a successful restaurant chef in NYC who finds herself becoming guardian to her niece played by Abigail Breslin after her sister (Abigail’s mother) dies in a car accident. Aaron Eckhart plays the lead guy, Nick, another chef who works his charms with Kate (Catherine’s character) and her niece. 
The only good thing for me in this movie was the talk of food. Aaron and Catherine didn’t have chemistry on screen. 

7. Sierra Burgess is a Loser
Shannon Purser plays Sierra – the modern day Cyrano de Bergerac: eloquent but not attractive and her leading guy, Jayme, is played by hottie Noah Centineo. I think this movie wanted to show viewers that even the not-so-attractive-girl can land the guy because of her personality. Unfortunately, the way this movie played out didn’t exactly endear Sierra to me. 
She cat fished Jayme after he unknowingly texts her instead of Veronica, the popular and beautiful cheerleader in Sierra’s high school because for some reason I cannot understand, Veronica gave Jayme Sierra’s number. It wasn’t her fault maybe that Jayme texted her but to connive with Veronica to keep up the act…loser territory. Compared to Noah’s character, Peter Kavinsky in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Jayme is a two dimensional character. Just watch it for the eye candy, Noah.