I am a heartbroken Gleek after finding out the shocking and truly sad news just this weekend that my favorite Gleek guy Finn Hudson aka Cory Monteith in real life had died. He was just 31 years old. I absolutely loved him as the tall, awkward high school quarterback turned Glee club member in the hit TV musical/comedy show Glee. I loved his tandem there with real life girlfriend, Lea Michelle aka Rachel Berry. They had such cute chemistry on and off cam.

I followed Glee not just for the music but also because I got hooked on the Rachel-Finn love story from season 1! Plus I loved Finn’s singing voice. I’ve even blogged about a couple of his Glee performances before: Jessie’s Girl and It’s My Life/Confessions Part 2. Cause of death is unknown yet but some suspect he might have died from drug overdose. Poor Cory. He just checked in to rehab too just a few months ago because he wanted to recover from his drug addiction which he’d struggled with from an early age of 13.

It’s always sad to hear of young, talented and absolutely good looking celebrities passing away so suddenly. My heart goes out to Lea Michelle and Cory’s family and friends. It’s heartbreaking to know that I will never again see or hear Cory singing on Glee.

So as a Gleek, I’m going to honor Cory by sharing a couple more of my favorite Finn performances.

Losing my Religion

The Scientist
 Bye Bye Bye/I Want it That Way (Cory looks super cute in this vid) 

Don’t Stop Believing (Of course)


Lea Michele said in her January 2013 Marie Claire cover girl interview that she can’t even remember a time when Cory wasn’t her boyfriend. He makes her feel like she can do anything. Awww…

Farewell Cory. You will be missed.