There is a local shoe brand that I think makes such cute shoes! Teelle. It’s an online shop that I discovered while browsing through my Instagram feed and saw Kelly Misa’s of her wearing cute ribbon sandals from them. 

So I clicked on the tag and got directed to the Instagram profile of Teelle. I immediately fell in love with more of their designs. They also come with an affordable price that I knew the only logical next step for me would be to buy.
This is the Tally shoes in blue. The same sandals I saw Kelly Misa sporting. I used it during my travel to Kuala Lumpur. I wore it several times during that whole trip. The photo above was taken from inside the Petronas Twin Towers. 
Wore the Tally in Blue too when we went to The Batu Caves. I love the ribbon detail of this sandal. It’s what makes it so cute and chic.
Also wore these sandals when we went on a walking tour of old town, Malacca, still in Malaysia. They’re very comfortable to wear and affordable too at only Php600. 
I also bought wedge type of shoes from them which I also used in the same travel because I just couldn’t pick between it and the Tally. 
This pair is called the Thea in beige and I wore this when I walked around Kuala Lumpur, exploring what there is to see around the city. This is me at Merdeka Square, right across the Sultan Abdul Samad building which is a very beautiful architecture. 
Wedge shoes to walk around the city? Am I crazy? I was partly afraid to be honest that I wore wedge shoes for that activity but surprisingly, the Thea shoes are still comfortable for walking. I guess maybe it helps that it’s not high enough and that the wedge is even and not designed in an arch manner where the brunt of my weight would have to be absorbed by the lower part of my feet. Got  Thea in Beige for Php949.   
After these two, I saw that they had a clearance sale and yes, another pair caught my eye so I re-ordered from them. This time, I ordered the Joey in red. Got them for only Php400! I wore it when Jordan and I went to Makati Avenue to dine and take pics at The Filling Station.

I bought these shoes through their Instagram page. Before buying from them, I had asked them about their return and exchange policy. Because they are an online shop, I had no way of making sure I’m buying the right size for me because I couldn’t try them on first. The vendor was very accommodating. Told me how I will know my exact size and assured me that in the event that it turns out that I was still a size smaller or bigger than my order, I could return and exchange the item. 
I’m still following them on Instagram and have in fact seen a couple of new pairs I want to get from them! Check them out yourself. Their IG handle is _teelle. I am sure you’ll find a pair or two you’d love to own too!