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Dressing up and getting my #OOTD taken is something I love doing. But I didn’t always embrace fashion the way I do now. I’m a late bloomer. And so I’m only now learning how to dress right. I read tips on how to hide my flabs and look taller. Especially more interested in fashion hacks to look slimmer these days. Being home more often and no longer spending time at the gym, I’ve definitely gained some weight! Are you also looking for fashion hacks to look slimmer? Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years!

Tip #1: Embrace the Height.

As a short person (I inherited my mom’s height), I’ve always been drawn to fashion hacks to look taller. That’s why I love wearing heels. Interestingly, adding height to your outfit can also make you look slimmer! When it comes to adding height with shoes, it’s not just about wearing high heels. Low block heels are okay too! Also wedge sandals or platform sneakers. And if you’re like me who’s got a muffin top to hide, high-rise jeans or shorts should be our go-to bottom wear.

Tip #2: Colors Matter

When it comes to the color of our outfit, black is our best friend! This is the first fashion hack I’ve ever learned when it comes to looking slim. I had a boss before who’s such a fashionista and she taught me that. Does that mean we should just fill our closets with all-black clothes? Where’s the fun in that right? It works with other dark colors. And what if you love color? Try the monochromatic look too!

Tip #3: Dress Proportionately

Another tip I’ve picked up from my well-dressed friends is learning to dress with proportions. I consider my midsection my most problematic area and so I like to hide it. I do that by wearing a loose top paired with fitted bottoms.

Tip #4: Wear Loose Dresses

Since I haven’t been hitting the gym and training hard as I used to, the muffin top is back and my flat stomach gone. On days my muffin top’s screaming to be noticed, I choose to wear a loose dress. No belt of any kind to cinch the waist. I also like to wear a loose dress when I know I’ve got a lunch or dinner to go to and I’m going to throw caution to the wind aka pig out. Ha! Ha!

Here’s one of my go-to dresses from ForMe.

Tip #5: The Underwear Matters

I’ve been shopping. Mostly for new underwear! I ignored this piece of the puzzle for so long to be honest especially now that we’re sheltering in place. I’ve thought well no one’s going to see me anyway! But that’s me being in a rut. Maybe no one will see me but I know, right? So I’ve finally been updating my undergarments. Throwing out not just the old and wornout ones but also those that no longer fit. Ill-fitting innerwear doesn’t help hide flabs! Glad I decided to shop for new ones. It’s definitely a good fashion investment!

Tip #6: Put on that Shapewear

I’ve talked about wearing shapewear before as part of my tips on achieving a flat tummy and small waist. Because it’s true! Shapewear is such a wonderful fashion item especially when you want to rock a tight-fitting dress such as a bodycon. I can attest to that from wearing a body-hugging tube dress twice! I saw the difference it makes – shapewear before and after. It helped me look more toned with my body fats smoothened.

There are many shapewears available in the market nowadays. You can buy from brick and mortar stores and online. You most likely will encounter a brand or two when you read fashion magazines and browse social media. So how do you make sure you get your money’s worth? How do you choose the best shapewear for women? Look for the ones that are thoughtfully designed – addressing your styling needs while also being comfortable to wear.

This shapewear trains your waist, gives you maximum compression, lifts buttocks, supports the thigh area, and achieves the double tummy control effect is great to wear under anything.

Sometimes we’ve got more than one problem area we’d like to smoothen out. This high compression bodysuit may be just what you’re looking for. Not only does it nip your waist and lifts your butt, it also wraps your arms, and shapes your tummy to sculpt your hips and thighs.

Shapewears are also a good fashion investment but who doesn’t love scoring a great price deal? Take a look at this Black Friday Shapewear Sale!

Of course I’m just going to stress again that nothing beats a healthy diet and exercise when it comes to looking slim and saying permanently goodbye to flabs! But these fashion hacks are a great help too in helping us achieve that and make us feel beautiful and confident with the clothes we wear!