On our second full day in Thailand, we went to explore the famous Grand Palace. To get there, we decided to take the ferry boat at Icon Siam. We didn’t walk to get to the mall this time around – we learned there was a free shuttle bus right below the MRT station where our hotel was located that goes to Icon Siam.

Just a quick #OOTD because the mall was not crowded and the natural light was good

The first ferry we took from Icon Siam was free so if you guys are ever in this side of Bangkok, try that mode of transportation too! Saves you some cash. We still had to transfer and ride another ferry – not free – but it’s pretty inexpensive.

It was quite a walk to get to the Grand Palace under the heat of the sun. Bring umbrella, water and  fan! It’s a popular tourist spot in Bangkok. The Grand Palace is a complex of buildings and it’s where the Kings of Siam reside. Entrance fee is a bit expensive at 500 baht.

Since this is still a temple, proper attire is required. No sleeveless. No shorts. No revealing outfits. You’re also not supposed to wear flip flops.

On sacred spaces, you need to take off your shoes. My aunt had the most trouble with that rule because she wore rubber shoes.

Aside from exploring the palace grounds, there’s a cultural show you can watch in the Grand Palace. We skipped that because I knew the seniors of our group were getting hungry (we were there before lunch) and cranky (because it was hot and humid).

Around the area of Grand Palace are a number of stores where you can buy sarong in the event that you’re not wearing a proper attire, some that are selling souvenirs and some affordable restaurants to dine in at. We chose to have lunch at one of those nearby restaurants where I finally was able to help myself to a sticky rice for dessert.

 We spent the rest of that day shopping for more pasalubong and souvenir. It was still cheaper at Ayutthaya though! And later that night, after bringing the senior ones back to the hotel, Mai Ann and I went back to Icon Siam to explore again.

We craved for something sweet to drink again and was also a bit hungry by the time we got back to our hotel so we went to the nearby 7-11. They’ve got milk tea which is cheaper than the ones you’ll find in the mall and also delicious!

It was a sweet way to cap off our last night in Bangkok. 
It was straight to the airport by the next morning because our flight was at noon. Still so many things we want to explore in Thailand like the floating market! I’ll definitely come back to this place to explore. But it was a fun trip – short but still fun. The most important thing was my mother had a grand time in Bangkok. Her wanderlust fulfilled. 
Where to next for us? Let’s see!