I’ve read about Crosswinds Resort Suites, this Swiss inspired place in Tagaytay early last year from Deal Grocer and have wanted to visit since then. Opportunity presented itself when my friend, Jordan, mentioned he wanted to have a weekend getaway.

Welcome to Crosswinds

The weather was pretty gloomy during our staycation. No surprise since it’s the month of July which means it’s officially the rainy season! Luckily, it wasn’t raining just yet when we got there so we were able to explore what Crosswinds had to offer.

See that road? Jordan wanted to walk down that road to get to our accommodations. The guard, who initially greeted us when we got there, was amused. He told us to wait for a shuttle service to pick us up. Later on, we’d find out why we couldn’t just go by foot.

While we waited, we took photos as we explored the nearby area

Checkout that windmill! That definitely adds to the Swiss-inspired charm of Crosswinds.

A selfie was in order to document our first ever staycation and out of town trip together.

Here’s the shuttle service of Crosswinds to take us inside. While on the road, keep your windows open and inhale the cool and fresh air around you.

We were thirty minutes early and the room wasn’t ready so we looked around some more, scoping out the sights in the vicinity.

The Yule Shop. This store is filled with a lot of Christmas decors! Couldn’t go in though because it was close during our visit. But I took a couple of shots around.

Oh look! It’s Santa’s sleigh! We took turns climbing up this sleigh to get our picture taken of us in it.

So here’s me in the sled, with a dainty pose as always…

And here’s Jordan with a stiff neck. LOL! I’m kidding. He’s doing one of his fashion blogger inspired poses. Have I ever told you guys he’s a big fan of David Guison?

Inside our Room

And here we are! Finally at Grand Quartier 2, where we are supposed to check in at 2PM.

This is the front desk. Nothing elegant about it. Crosswinds’ Grand Quartier 2 is more like a condotel. Be prepared to present your credit card or have an extra PHP1,000 cash on you for security deposit.

Okay now let me show you our room for the night. We stayed at a studio room by the way. We only had to pay Php3,750 for an overnight stay thanks to Deal Grocer.

Kitchen area where you can cook dishes and wash plates after. There’s also a fridge where you can stock your food in.  Initially Jordan wanted to bring hotdogs to fry but we ended up getting food delivered instead.

A table for two where you can eat right across the kitchen.

Jordan and I shared this queen size bed.

There’s a small Samsung LCD TV for those who want to just stay in bed and veg out in front of the TV and a comfy couch perfect for reading books.
Bathroom area:

We dropped our bags in the room and went around to explore again. Crosswinds is really big – about 100 hectares. To get around the place, ride the free shuttle service that they provide. Or if you brought a car, use that. Don’t try to explore by foot. Unless hiking is your thing! It’s just that the place is huge and the roads are going uphill so it can be pretty tiring to go exploring by foot.

Jordan and I tried walking around without the shuttle. So that’s how I know what a challenge it can be to walk around the place without a vehicle.

Sights to See in Crosswinds Resort Suites

These are photos from the Santa’s House in Crosswinds. The place also has the Christmas-y feel. Cute right?

This is the view from our balcony by the way. Crosswinds Resort Suites is surrounded by the crisp scent of 20,000 pine trees. Actually even our room smelled of pine when we first entered.

Crosswinds currently doesn’t have any restaurants in it. Just this convenience store that sells coffee, cakes, pastries and sandwiches. You’ll have to travel all the way near the entrance though to find this.

The pool and playground area:

Crosswinds has an outdoor pool for adults and kids. Both are circular in shape. The adult pool is just about 5 ft. deep. Lucky me!

Here’s an underwater shot of me. Jordan used his GoPro camera for this. I thought it was a pretty cool shot! Though I probably wouldn’t receive praises from America’s Next Top Model judges for this shot. Not very top fashion model underwater shot! Haha!

Took a photo at the Crosswinds sign on the hills ala Hollywood signage! Quite tricky to get down to this spot.

OOTD Shoot around Crosswinds Resort Suites

Crosswinds is such a beautiful place. It’s great for picture taking. My friend is an aspiring fashion blogger so he was definitely delighted by this fact.
These walls make for a pretty background.
So does this tall rectangular bush… This was Jordan’s favorite photo spot actually.

Imagine Life at Crosswinds

You can actually live in Crosswinds Resort Suites. Those houses bloew? Those are residential places. So if you can afford it, you can buy a place here. I personally like the design.

This house is my favorite out of them all. It kind of stands out doesn’t it?

My Overall Experience

Well, I had a nice overnight stay at Crosswinds. The place is beautiful. I did feel like I was transported to a different place. And the staff were accommodating. If you’re looking for a nearby getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life, Crosswinds is a good place to consider. It is as Deal Grocer’s write up said, a refreshing Alpine escape.
I only wish there was a restaurant in the area and a spa! I think those two would be great additions to the place. But maybe in the near future. Construction is still ongoing anyhow.
If you want to check out Crosswinds Resort Suites, you can book via Agoda, Booking.com or directly.