I finally finished reading my first book for the year! Took me more than 3 months to do so! That’s just because I haven’t made time to sit and read and not because this isn’t a good read. In fact, I wanna say that this is one helluva good read! It caught my interest the moment I saw it on FullyBooked’s shelf. Not only is it a James Patterson book but it’s also co-authored by a former U.S president, Bill Clinton. Well, if you are to write a political thriller novel that involves the presidency, who better really to give you insider info than someone who was once the most powerful man in the world.

I usually have some time on my hands every time I’m at the gym, waiting for my personal training to begin or Body Jam class so I figured might as well kill that time reading. Yep, so it’s really at the gym that I finally managed to put a dent on this book – literally and figuratively!

Book Description (based on GoodReads)

As this political thriller novel opens, a threat looms. Enemies are planning an attack of unprecedented scale on America. Uncertainty and fear grip Washington. There are whispers of cyber terror and espionage and a traitor in the cabinet. The President himself becomes a suspect, and then goes missing…

My Review

I love political thrillers! Granted most of what I know and enjoyed are movies and/or series. Still, when I saw this I was immediately drawn to it when I read the plot.

This story already opened in an exciting way, told in the point of view of the President. Right off the bat, I’m already taken in with a political drama on top of the looming threat that’s also set in just three days.

It’s a page turner. so much mystery that enveloped the story. There was an outside threat to be dealt with – cyber terrorism which is very fitting in this day and age. People have become very dependent on the Internet. And as if that one imminent danger isn’t enough, it’s revealed that there could actually be a traitor inside the White House!

Reading this book made me feel like I’ve been given a window to see what goes on in the White House. For the most part, I felt as though I wasn’t just reading about what was happening. It’s described so clearly and in detail that I could really picture it in my head. It’s almost like I’m watching a film! Like I said, I’ve seen a lot of them political thrillers. It’s a story only a President could have told.

James Patterson and Bill Clinton’s The President is Missing has a good mix of drama, thrill and action. It’s worth every penny spending for this book. If you see bad reviews on GoodReads, those views, in my opinion, those were probably affected by the politics of it since this was co-written by Bill Clinton. Rated this 5 star in GoodReads.

I hope Hollywood comes knocking on James Patterson’s door again for an offer to turn this into a movie.