Playing games on my smartphone app is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. In fact I have a whole folder on my phone full of game apps. A couple of weeks into the lockdown and I discovered another game that’s got me hooked and it’s called Lego Tower. I saw it on Facebook when my friend, Rej, posted about it, inviting people to play. 

The goal of the game developed by Nimblebit is to build and operate your own Lego Tower. It has two kinds of floors you can build: residential and commercial, which is where minif. It’s all about balancing these two types of floors so you can have minifigures living, playing and working in your tower.

What I like about is that you can dress up the minifigures in different pieces – photo above shows my Sky Police minifigures dressed like cops and even collect special pieces to build special characters. The game lets you earn coins and bux to also customize your tower in different colors and designs.

When I started out with this game, I thought it was really just about building a high tower and dressing up the minifigures in cute pieces. But Lego Tower is really a strategy game – placing minifigures in their dream jobs, finding the right time to use a Big Spender, where to place a gold brick, etc.

While this game can be played on your own, it’s much better to be played with friends so you can collect more pieces at a faster rate and lend each other a helping hand in building your Lego Towers.  Rej started a group chat for people like us that are playing Lego Tower where can post about the stuff we need, are giving away and even tips that they’ve learned. It is highly addictive! In fact, I know some people in our Lego Tower group chat that play til the wee hours of the morning!

If you’ve been looking for a game to play, try this and while you’re at it, why not add me up? Let’s be friends on Lego Tower.