I have always enjoyed playing video games even when I was still a kid. My earliest memory of playing a game is spending hours on a family computer with Mario Brothers. As a teenager, I spent weekends at home playing Resident Evil or Dance Dance Revolution on a Playstation – mostly on my own. Had a strict father who preferred my friends came over the house than have me going out. Even when I started working, playing video games became one of my favorite free ways to destress. These days, playing online video games also helps keep me distracted from what’s currently going on in the outside world. Of course, allowing me to destress is just one of the many benefits that comes with playing video games.

Last year, I shared a game that’s kept me entertained while we were all on strict lockdown. Well, I want to talk about a new game – well actually games (yes, plural!) that I have been hooked on recently! It’s from Plays.org, a website that has a number of free online video games! How many games? Over 100! How awesome is that?

I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks checking out what the games they have and I’d like to tell you guys all about it!

My New Game Discoveries

First up, let’s talk about the new simulation games I’ve tried and enjoyed!


There are 3 basic things to remember to do on this game:

  • Check out customers at the register
  • Keep the store’s inventory stocked up
  • Expand the supermarket’s inventory line
playing video games to destress

I’ve been able to expand my supermarket pretty quickly. The first two objectives though are a little more challenging to do specially when the store’s already big and full of customers! You have to have clear eyes and fast hand coordination to be able to meet all three objectives and avoid having customers leave the store angry.

playing video games as a mental health break

See those green circles? That means the shelves need restocking and just look at my register queue! Use a mouse when you play so it’s easier to click click and click!

Fight Virus

This is a hospital simulation game where you have to keep the COVID-19 virus from spreading. See that green thing near the medical check up entrance? That’s the virus! You have to click those so you’re able to disinfect the area. Aside from that, you have to scroll up and down to assist patients in the medical check up area and hospital ward while you also continuously look out for the virus. The game is over when the meter reaches 70% capacity.

playing video games: fight virus simulation game

It’s easy at the start. But as the virus spreads, the system gets overloaded and soon you’re unable to help them all and then game over. So how do you stay safe from the virus and keep it from spreading? This game has a reminder how!

Flight Simulation

Lastly, I want to tell you about Flight Simulation. The idea of the game is to help the airplanes and helicopters land safely without crashing into one another. Among the three simulation games, this frustrates me the most! LOL! Well, it’s all about being able to direct the helicopters and airplanes to land safely and angling them to land isn’t so easy to do! I though it was at first you know? But then once a plane or helicopter misses their landing, that’s really when the trouble starts! I’ve not been able to get past Level 2! But I am still playing even though it frustrates me because I am also challenged! I’m so determined to land those planes and helicopters without crashing into one another.

See those red circles? Those are warning signs. It means there’s a chance the plane or helicopter will crash with another. The good news is you can stop that from happening. Even when you’ve already set out a landing direction for them, you can change them so they will be able to avoid each other. But it gets really hard when there’s so many to manage and it’s chaos when one misses their landing! How was I able to land some of them? Sheer luck so far. I’ll get past Level 2 someday. LOL!

Games that Took Me Down Memory Lane

The Sorcerer

This game is inspired by Zuma video game. I used to play Zuma when I was younger. My Dad and I both loved playing the game and we would both spend a lot of time playing, trying to beat each other’s high scores. This game definitely brought back good memories of Dad and I bonding.

The idea of the game is to match the color of the balls – 3 or more matching colors so the balls will deliver, shorten the chain and prevent the balls from going down the drain. While most players usually shoot at the front, sometimes it’s good to aim at the center or back area for as long as there matching colors. Again, the idea is to prevent the balls from going down the drain so do what you can to shorten the chain.

Neon Space Invaders

I’m also enjoying playing Neon Space Invaders! It’s reminiscent of BattleStar Galactica that I also used to play when I was younger. The idea of the game is to shoot at the space aliens while avoiding getting shot down by their bullets. Dad and I also used to play this game a lot! Like with Zuma, we would try to best each other’s high scores.

You have three lives though if you find a UFO flying above, shoot at it and catch the heart that’ll go down after you shot it down. That’s an extra life!

If you love playing online video games, I suggest checking out this website! There’s sure to be a game you’ll enjoy other than the five I shared here.