I am no stranger to acne. In fact, I suffered from acne so bad during my adolescent life – from 5th grade til sophomore year in high school. It finally cleared up when I reached my junior year but not before it took a huge toll on my self confidence. It’s not to say that I never got another pimple after that (I wish!) but it had become manageable. 

Imagine my dismay when I started suffering from acne again – this time on my neck! And it started showing up early on the lock down. A couple of small ones. But it got real bad after awhile as there on the left side of my neck sprouted a really big one. Ick! How could my neck be kissable now right with these pimples on it?! 

It took a turn for the worse before it finally got better because I am such a dumbass! In my haste to get rid of it, I wasn’t gentle. I scrubbed at it so hard with my face mask and face scrub. My go-to serum for controlling acne wasn’t enough neither was my Belo acne gel which usually effectively dries out my pimples. This was pretty stubborn!

So how did I finally manage to heal it? With the help of my friend who, herself, was suffering from cystic acne – at our age, I know! Awful. We chatted about skincare and that’s when she told me about this local brand of skincare she was thinking of buying. 

Apotheke skin science

Apotheke Science is another organic skincare brand. Ever since Beach Born, I’ve found myself drawn to finding organic and sustainable skincare brands. According to this Cosmo article, Apotheke is created by a molecular biologist and a medical doctor and their handcrafted skincare line is aimed at addressing major skin care issues like acne, fine lines, wrinkles, eczema and rosacea. 

After reading good reviews about the brand online, I decided to buy their Spot Treatment. It was only Php199 on Shopee – a plus for me that its store is there because I could have cash back thanks to Shopback. I figured if it didn’t work, not much loss for a product that’s less than Php200. 

This spot treatment’s different from the ones I’m used to (my usual spot treatments are gel type) since this one’s oil. I immediately applied it on my neck. It has a bit of a smell – I can’t exactly describe it but it smells like medicine. 
So the next few photos are not the best sights to see (you’ve been warned) but I want to show just how fast it healed. 
Day 1
Day 3
Day 5
 Day 7
Day 11 

So it worked fast. In a matter of a week, the pimple dried out. I know it’s effective because I also used it on another pimple that was emerging on my cheek but again and it’s gone in a matter of days. 

Please ignore the other spots you see in the photo. I had a terrible rash, a bad reaction to the sheet mask I used that’s supposed to be like a brightening serum.😓 Anyway what’s left now on my neck is really a big dark spot from where the acne was! *sigh* A new skin problem to resolve. But at least the acne is gone!

For now, what I just want to say is Apotheke lived up to its rave reviews! I got my money’s worth from this. I will definitely keep on buying their Spot Treatment from here on out. I also will be trying another product of theirs as soon as I finish my current serum. I heard it might help to lighten the dark spots and brighten my skin overall. Wish me luck with that!