We only have this week until we usher in December and celebrate Christmas season! Are you guys feeling merry? I know it’s gonna be different this year because of the pandemic! Still I am trying to embrace the spirit of this holiday despite all that’s happening in world.

I hope talking about my small joys also reminds you guys that there are still reasons to smile about. 

1.  My salary back to 100% 

Now this is great news to hear this Christmas season!

I’m just so relieved to have gained back some breathing space where I can pay the bills, stash some for savings, help Mama a little bit more with the household expenses and even help myself to some form of material rewards if and when I felt like it.

2. A Halloween get together virtually with friends from work 

My friends and I love finding reasons to celebrate. Glad that even when we’re far apart from each other these days and definitely will be for the foreseeable future because of COVID-19, we were still able to pull up a video get together to have our own version of a Halloween party.

3. Waking up every morning and finding my cat hanging around 

Having a cute fur ball greeting you in the morning, amazing feeling.

4. Being able to see some friends from time to time 

I am still not going out and about as though the virus is no longer around like I would have usually done pre-pandemic. But I’m glad I was able to see a friend or two again keeping safety precautions in place. Thankfully I do have friends who live nearby.

5. Tending to my plants 

Since jumping on the bandwagon of taking care of plants, my plant collection has just been growing and I’m loving the challenge of taking care of them from the basics like giving it sunshine and water to repotting, propagating and planting seedlings. There’s a feeling of amazement and thrill that comes over me when I see them growing or sprouting up new leaves.

6. Finishing a book and reaching my 2020 GoodReads Reading Challenge goal 

Every year I set a number of books for me to read for the year but I hardly ever got to reach the goal. I was always off somewhere and would find myself having no time for reading which left the books I’ve amassed from book sales gathering dust in a corner in my room.

I’m glad that to rediscover the joys of reading this year and to be able to meet – exceed even – the number of books I set out to read (I set out to challenge myself to read 12 and I’ve already finished my 13th book for the year!) with about a month to go before the year ended.

7. A long weekend coming up 

Weekends are so short in my opinion. To know that another holiday is coming up next Monday, well that’s just enough reason to get me through this work week. Three days to do things I enjoy! Binge watch my fave series and watch movies. Write a blog post or two. Read a book. Do some gardening. And just chill and recharge.

What small joys have you experienced lately? Let’s talk about it! We could all use positive and happy thoughts in our lives specially this Christmas season!