belle de jour power planner 2021

Every year at around this time, I get excited about the coming new year. When I was growing up, I used to make resolutions because I firmly believed that a new year means a fresh new start. From resolutions, it became all about projects and plans I want to do for the year. To this day, I still like to think of projects and plans I want to do for the new year and about a few years back, I also liked to think about a word or phrase that will define my year. With Christmas just five days away, I haven’t gotten around to sitting down and truly reflect on 2020 so I’ll talk about my projects and plans and that defining word or phrase for 2021 another time. 

I know that back in March, when the government announced that we were going into enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), the strictest lockdown, to curb the spread of COVID-19 cases and then that extended up to this day, though with a much looser restrictions, some people said the most useless item they bought for 2020 was the planner.  

While saying goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021 doesn’t mean COVID-19 will be gone magically, I still am looking forward to the new year. I don’t know what it is in store for 2021 exactly but I hope things will be better, even just a little. 

Anyway, whatever goals I come up with, I’m going to write them all down the old fashioned way, pen and paper. When I see them written down, I’ll feel more committed to it and I can also keep looking back at it to keep me on track or get me back on it in the event that somewhere down the road, I find myself losing focus. And that is where the Belle de Jour Power Planner comes in! 

Yep, it’s my planner of choice for 2021. It’s been my planner of choice for years! Why do I love this planner? Here are 5 reasons. 

1. Such a cute planner cover

Ever since it launched, Belle de Jour Power Planner has released planner covers that are so cute! Isn’t it so pretty to look at?  

2. So many interesting write ups and activities inside  

The Belle de Jour Power Planner has a whole lot of interesting write ups in it that are all about helping Bellas (that’s us, BDJ ladies) live the life they envision for themselves. And taking it a step further are these activities to do. 

  BDJ 2021 page

bdj power planner

3. The yearly checklist

BDJ also has this yearly checklist which gives Bellas an idea what they can do for the year. This used to be a bucket list but the idea is all the same. I definitely check on this for ideas that I may like to do for the year too.  

4. A page to write down your goals for the year

Another reason to love this planner, there’s a dedicated page to write down one’s goals for the year. And check out that other side of the page, there’s a mood meter. You can color that drawing. 
bucket list
5.  Discount coupons

Belle de Jour Power Planners have various discount coupons from their partner brands. I specially love the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coupons found in the planner such as Buy 1, Get 1 tea lattes. 
Perks of a Bella discount coupons
And if the discount coupons inside the notebook are not enough, BDJ Power Planner also has a BDJ card that can also be used for discounts. I personally use this card at Coffee Bean to get a free drink upsize which is awesome! 
BDJ card
It’s a really awesome planner that fits my needs while looking absolutely chic! I can’t wait to fill up the pages.