ECQ. MECQ. GCQ. MGCQ. Localized Granular ECQ , Flexible MECQ. Here we are, one year later with more and more lockdown terms being thrown our way. Bottom line is we’re still on lockdown. How am I doing? Well, I am feeling all sorts of negative emotions towards the Philippines’ situation but since I can’t really do much about either. And so the month of April for me has been all about continuously coping with quarantine fatigue.

New Ways of Coping with Quarantine Fatigue

I bought myself a tripod last month. Finally gave in to the idea of that. I’ve been thinking of getting a tripod even before the pandemic hit but I just kept putting it off. Gotta say, I don’t regret this purchase! It’s super affordable and it even comes with a remote control. It’s a whole lot cheaper than the original tripod I had my eyes on. Now I can take my #OOTDs when there’s no one else around who can be my photographer. Best thing about it? Unlimited takes! In case you’re interested, you can buy the tripod here.

Actually I’m quite thrilled with all my purchases last month. Oh yeah, I’ve been shopping. And shopping. And shopping some more. It’s one of my ways to cope. I’ve been indulging my shopaholic self with shopping but I’m also doing my best not to lose sight of my goal to have more financial freedom.

Another way I’m coping is by getting made up again just for the heck of it. I figured I should just use my makeup rather than let it all sit on my desk just to expire later on. Still won’t be going out a lot so might as well use it even at home. Honestly, it’s been very helpful in lifting my spirits. I was inspired to prettify myself seeing my friend, Fate, on her IG stories, looking gorgeous with her makeup always on point.

makeup to cope with quarantine fatigue
All made up even without a video call meeting or anywhere to go

Reading Progress

Have you checked out my latest book review yet? It’s another book from Jasmine Guillory. It’s my fourth book for 2021. I tried to finish another book in April but I wasn’t successful. Something was always getting in the way of my reading. Whether it’s work, lack of sleep (some days) or just not in the mood entirely, there was always something. Still, I am reading. Currently trying to get through The Proposal also from Jasmine Guillory.

What Brought Me Comfort in April

My cat, Lucky, was sick but by the last couple of weeks of April, he started to recover! Now he’s back to his loud and demanding self whenever he’s asking for food. The dog – my neighbor’s dog – that’s always hanging in our house, has gotten so big and so huggable! I almost think of her as my pet too. I’m so in love with these furry creatures. They’re always a welcome sight to see everyday.

taking care of pets as a way to cope with quarantine fatigue

I’ve also loved seeing the sun and the moon right outside my bedroom. They’re such a beautiful sight to see.

Glimpses of the Outside World

The featured photo for this post? That’s when I went out one afternoon to run an errand at the mall with my friend. We walked to the mall since my friend was uncomfortable with taking public transportation and neither of us had a car. I didn’t mind at all. Walking outside had helped me a lot. It was so nice to see the outside world again. I’m thinking I’d do that at least once a week, walk outside, just around exploring the neighborhood. as another way of coping with quarantine fatigue.

Empty hallway at the mall. Hardly a soul in sight.
appreciate nature is another good way to cope with quarantine fatigue
My favorite part of Greenbelt. Surrounded by greenery.

While other countries might be coming out of lockdown, it’s not our story yet. As vaccines arrival in the country come in trickles, I’m bracing myself for another year long quarantine so yes, I’ll have to keep finding ways to cope with quarantine fatigue. Here’s again hoping May will be a better month.