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On January 19, 2021, Netflix announced the TV shows and movies to expect come February. You can expect Netflix original movies that are likely to leave you swooning as well as new binge-worthy TV series that will occupy most of your weekends. Other options will include documentaries, stand-up specials, and so much more.

Top shows coming to Netflix in February

  • Shutter Island – a stylish and operatic mystery-thriller that stars Leonardo DiCaprio set in an insane asylum on an island as he tries to find a missing patient.
  • Love Daily – a romantic 12-stories anthology about 12 different young couples.
  • Red Dot – a Swedish Thriller about a pregnant woman trying to rekindle a relationship before one weekend turns to hell.
  • Rocks – a British movie about a struggling teenage girl living on the streets with her young brother.
  • Black Beach – a Spanish drama about a businessman going on a rescue mission for a kidnapped US engineer.
  • The Bank Job – a Jason Stratham action movie about a bank robbery in London.
  • The Patriot – a Mel Gibson Oscar-Nominated drama about a farmer, turned leader in the American Revolution.
  • Strip Down, Rise Up – a Michele Ohayon documentary that looks into the positive effects of pole dancing to the mind and body.

To enjoy these and more shows on Netflix, here are some tips and tricks you can use to make the most of your subscription.

Use a VPN to access show lists from different countries.

While Netflix boasts a vast library, most of the content is geo-restricted due to copyright agreements. 

If you enjoy TV shows famous in the UK, a VPN can ensure you access Netflix categories specific to the UK market. Once you install a VPN, you can connect to a UK server location using your VPN.

A VPN makes it possible for you to unlock location-specific Netflix content.

Learn a new language while enjoying your show

You can install a chrome extension to enable language learning on Netflix. This free extension comes with subtitles in the language you want to learn and the original language. The extension also comes with a popup directory with suggestions of important words to learn in the language of choice. The extension is compatible with macOS and Windows.

Use secret codes to unlock hidden genres.

If you are tired of watching the same genre recommendations from Netflix, you can explore a wider range of genres hidden in the Netflix system using secret codes. Each genre has a specific ID number/code you can use to access the content directly by typing the number in the URL For instance, if you want to watch the ‘military movies based on real-life’ category, the ID code is 1216900. Therefore, the URL will be There are more than 300 hidden categories on Netflix, and these codes give you access to all of them.


With the rights tools, tips and tricks, Netflix offers limitless streaming possibilities. The tips and tricks on this guide will enhance your viewing experience on the most-watched streaming service in the world.