I’ve made tremendous progress in catching up with my reading list! My Big Bad Wolf Books and Manila International Book Fair book hauls must be saying “Finally! I’m getting read!”. In fact, I achieved my 2020 GoodReads Reading Challenge! So when Big Bad Wolf Books announced they were coming back with an online sale this time, I thought why not? I can buy new books now! Finally, after more than a month of delay, I’m excited to talk to you about my Big Bad Wolf Books book haul!

Archie Comics Graphic Novel

First up on my Big Bad Wolf Books book haul is this graphic novel from Archie Comics, Kevin Keller. I am such a fan of Archie Comics which I’ve been collecting since 4th grade. Glad Archie Comics is still around and able to adapt to the times. Kevin Keller is a much-talked-about character in Archie Comics since he’s the first gay character.

Kevin Keller graphic novel is part of my BBW book haul

Beth Harbison’s One Less Problem Without You

I was introduced to Beth Harbison because of Big Bad Wolf Books as well when I read her novel, If I Could Turn Back Time. I highly enjoyed that book so I didn’t hesitate to buy another one of her novels.

My BBW book haul includes a Beth Harbison novel

Jane Green’s Falling

Like Beth Harbison, it’s all thanks to Big Bad Wolf Books that I came to know of Jane Green. I’ve read three books from her so far, The Beach House, Summer Secrets and Promises to Keep. I think this author is a hit and miss for me. She wouldn’t be one of the authors I’d automatically buy but she’s worth considering.

I got this hardbound Jane Green book around Php200 only!

Judy Blume Novels

Also part of my BBW book haul are two Judy Blume novels. She’s a really good author of books that are very much relatable for female young adults. Her stories tackle friendship, self-image and love to name a few. I’ve read three Judy Blume novels so far and two of them were also part of a previous BBW book haul: Forever and Deenie.

My first encounter with Judy Blume was back in College. I read Summer Sisters – yes the same book I bought from this year’s sale – at our school library. It was such an unforgettable book for me. It also introduced me to Abba since the characters of the book danced to Dancing Queen. Unlike the first two books I mentioned and Just as Long as We’re Together which are more for pre-teens or those in their early teen years, Summer Sisters is more for older young adults.


And finally, this hardbound book called Lagom. It’s the only non-fiction book that I bought from BBW. My interest in living a slow and intentional life started as a pursuit for happiness. I’ve been reading up on books and online articles that talk about how to live a happy life. It’s not that I’m not okay with the life I have. But there’s definitely room for improvement. Do you know that the Scandinavians are deemed the happiest people on earth? So who better to pick up a tip or two than them?

I wanted to buy this book at Fully Booked before when I saw it at the Powerplant branch. Good thing I didn’t! Thanks to Big Bad Wolf Books, I only bought this for about half the price of its selling price at Fully Booked. Definitely a steal!

So those are the books I got from my most recent book haul. I am absolutely happy about these purchases! Going to aim to further put a dent on my reading list before the next book sale comes along.