Time to wake up guys! September has ended. And it’s time to write my monthly wrap up post again. How did the first of the -ber months go for me? Just as I said in the title of my September wrap up, it’s been a month of abundance! Abundance of plans and side hustle projects. I’m happy and grateful.

Reading Update

I’m still on track with reaching my 2021 GoodReads Reading Challenge goal of reading 20 books this year. Thanks to another reading streak, the count is now 12 out of 20 and soon to be 13! I’m halfway through Lauren Conrad’s Sugar and Spice novel, the third book in her LA Candy series.

What I Watched in September

Another thing I’d like to mention as part of my September wrap up is the fact that I traded my Grey’s Anatomy morning reruns for a new series. Well, not really new because it ended a few years ago but I’ve only started watching Homeland. I love US spy shows. Currently on Season 6 already. I’m so hooked! Some people say they didn’t watch it because they’re not fans of Claire Danes. I particularly don’t care about her then and now. I just like the story. And I shipped her and Quinn together. #Quarrie fan right here. I never cared for Brody. The guy was a terrorist for crying out loud!

It actually started with a documentary I watched on Netflix, Turning Point which is about the 9/11 attack. What’s so refreshing about this docu is that they tackled the history and the aftermath of the attack. Very interesting.

September Loves

As part of my September wrap up, let me share with you some things I’ve loved and have made me happy.

These two puppies by the same neighbor who owns Showie, the dog who’s so fond of my mom that she follows her everywhere she goes. We welcome them in our home just as we welcomed Showie before. She’s a big sister now! They are added stress relievers!

My book haul from Big Bad Wolf Books sale which finallly arrived! I talked about these books in length here.

big bad wolf books haul

The weekend I spent visiting Poison Donuts. Tried their White Chocolate Cheetos. It was okay. I managed to finish it. Though I hesitated at first because it’s such a weird flavor right? But that’s what makes Poison Donuts special from other donut shops.

And finally it’s PSL season again at Starbucks. I love their Pumpkin Spice Latte. Makes me think of fall. I hope to travel somewhere where there’s fall season. I ordered the Venti on the day PSL dropped in stores.

Well that’s September for me. Can you guys believe it’s almost Christmas? I’ve seen Christmas trees put up in malls already and Christmas decors being sold. Plus I heard Christmas songs playing in the mall. Do you feel the merry season?