One of the first countries I ever visited when I started traveling was Bali. I stayed there for about 6 days with a friend where we toured temples, saw their rice terraces, and even dropped by a bar for Halloween. It’s a running joke with my closest friends that I never visited Bali. My phone was stolen a few days after I got home so I never got to post my travel photos. I want to visit again for sure. That remains to be a wish for now. But I wanna tell you all about my weekend stay at a Bali-inspired getaway in Batangas, Cintai Corito!

Bali-inspired design

Cintai Corito’s Garden is located at Balete, Batangas. I first came across this place browsing Deal Grocer (remember online coupon days?). I had never been to Bali then and when I read that it was a Bali-inspired getaway, I was enticed especially when I saw the photos.

Finally crossing it off my travel bucket list

When they said being in this place will make you feel like you’re in Bali, they were right.

A Quiet Weekend Break Communing with Nature

My friends and I went to Cintai Corito to celebrate my and another friend’s birthday. A quiet weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Maybe it’s because we’re getting older which made us decide to spend our birthdays there.

There’s no Wi-Fi at Cintai Corito, at least not in your room so it’s not the kind of place for a working staycation. It’s a place to go when you want to just be alone with your thoughts or hide away from the busyness of the world for a while. It’s open air, surrounded by plants and trees, and peaceful.

Pray. Meditate. Or do yoga at this Bali-inspired getaway, Cintai Corito.

Bali is known to be a place where you commune with nature. Eat. Pray. Love. That whole shebang. You can do that right here at Cintai Corito. And it’s just a couple of hours away from Metro Manila.

Cintai Corito also has a swimming pool – three actually so if you feel like it, you can also take a dip. We stayed at the pool that was only about 4 ft deep, chatting about anything and everything under the sun. We’re not really swimmers plus we just wanted to chill.

Cap off a weekend stay at Cintai Corito by getting a massage at their spa, out in the open air. Doesn’t it look inviting? We didn’t get to experience their massage service though.

Good Food for a Good Mood

There are getaways that look really nice for photos and in this day and age of social media, Cintai Corito would be high on that list. But then when it comes to food, they fail. It was the only letdown of my Bohol trip. Not Cintai Corito though. Their Filipino food offerings were delicious and absolutely filling!

Adobong Manok sa Gata – my fave dish from our orders
Chocolate cake for dessert

Their Batangas Barako coffee is also really good and went well with the dessert. We actually wanted to buy this coffee but we forgot to stop by the local market when we checked out of Cintai Corito.

Weekend Fashion at Cintai Corito

We took advantage of the beautiful Bali-inspired place by dressing up nicely. Weekend fashion: chic and chill.

Here's my chic and chill outfit at the Bali-inspired getaway, Cintai Corito.

Overall it was a wonderful Bali-inspired getaway at Cintai Corito. I felt refreshed and thankful that I get to do things like this every once in a while.