I declared to the Universe that 2022 was the year I would spend for experiences whether grand or simple. After all, this pandemic had taken 2 years of my life and with the virus seemingly getting to be under control, it was time to reclaim life. And so I flew to Bohol with my friend, Nicole just before election day for a quick luxurious beach vacation at Mithi Resort and Spa.

We planned to go to El Nido, Palawan but hit a snag with our target accommodation. I thought I’d finally get to cross off El Nido from my travel bucket list. Naturally, we were both disappointed for a little bit that our original plan fell through. But I think it all worked out for the best.

When Nicole said she wanted to “go big” for this travel, a part of me worried about the money. A luxurious beach vacation meant dipping into my Europe trip savings account and it would set me back quite a bit from my target amount. Also, while Nicole said she just wanted a chill vacation, she also wanted to go island hopping at El Nido. Understandably as there are so many wonderful sights to see there. I wanted to go on one too though I was a little scared. I think my scary island hopping experience in Siargao scarred me for life. And because we are still in a pandemic, there are more travel requirements to consider and accomplish such as in Palawan where S-Pass is required.

Bohol was open to tourists as well but had looser restrictions. No S Pass needed and no negative COVID test result needed either. You simply have to present proof of vaccination which is either a vaccination card or vaccination certificate. Budget wise it was also a little lighter on the pocket. And of course, with island hopping off the table, it was definitely just a relaxing beach trip.

A Slice of Paradise

I’ve been to Bohol a few years back with some other friends but it wasn’t to spend a luxurious beach trip nor was it even a summer at the beach. We checked out the local tourist spots of the province and stayed at a nice, budget hotel. This year’s trip was all about chilling at the beach so I was willing to spend a little more in terms of accommodation.

There are a number of wonderful luxury resorts in Bohol but Nicole had specific criteria for the place where we were going to stay at – a white sandy beach, beach front hotel and has a spa.

Mithi Resort and Spa (Mit-Hee), which means an ideal; an earnest wish; a dream; cherished, met all those criteria.

It’s a slice of paradise with tropical landscapes, turquoise water and white sand beaches. Seeing this view melted all my stress and worries away, at least for that time being.

We were pampered at this resort hotel. They offered free pick up and drop off at the airport. And gave us refreshing welcome drinks, a perfect way to cool down from the scorching afternoon heat.

I pictured myself lounging by the pool area with a cold drink on hand and a good book to read. Mithi Resort and Spa had not one, but two pools to swim on. I thought I would spend time swimming there. Yes, the pool and not the beach. I only like to walk around the sea shore and maybe watch the gentle lapping of the waves. But I don’t like to swim at the beach.

I only swam here for just a bit for photo opp purposes. I wanted a photo of me in the pool with that island in the background. We got busy taking photos in our room and everywhere else in the resort.

Welcome to Our Room

I’m in love with all the natural light streaming in our room!

A comfy big bed for us two to sleep in.
The resort provided us with a COVID-19 safety kit: alcohol and face mask
A lounge sofa with magazines that I brought in from the front lobby. They’ve got a lot of magazines there!
Welcome treats from Mithi Resort and Spa
These wicker bags are perfect for a summer trip
I brought a book to read but I traded that for the back issue magazines of In Style

A Picturesque Resort

With a resort as gorgeous as Mithi, we definitely made it a point to take photos everywhere! Luckily, I had my realme 9 Pro+ with me. It’s certainly light and comfortable to grip. More comfortable than my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ for sure.

We were able to really test out the camera department with its triple camera setup – 50MP Sony IMX766 OIS main sensor, 8MP ultrawide, and a 2MP macro. I love all the shots we were able to get from my phone!

Dress from Madison and Reese, 2-inch heels from Shopee and Sorbetero bag from ZaraJuan
This was also my airport outfit going to Bohol. Bag from Shop Style Cat.
Nicole liked to climb railings for that buwis-buhay shot. This was also her airport outfit. Beach ready!
Al fresco breakfast
Dress from Shopee and sandals from Moda Fino
Nicole was such a pro when it came to posing for the camera specially wearing a swimsuit.
Sunset by the beach. Isn’t it a beauty?

Staying at Mithi, it was easy to think we were in a different place. A beautiful place where COVID-19 didn’t exist. We were just surrounded by the beach and nature.

Side Trip Activities

Nicole and I planned on staying in the resort for the entire duration of our vacation. After all, we paid for this view and experience! Also, we weren’t familiar with the area so neither of us would have dared to go out to explore even just to eat.

But one of our work colleagues, Cathy, was based in Bohol. She dropped by the resort and so generously offered to take us out to dinner during our first night there. As the food at Mithi isn’t so great, I happily accepted the invite.

I got targetted by an Instagram ad of Mist when I was looking at Mithi Resort and Spa

I thought this restaurant looked nice and I wanted to go there. How lucky that this is exactly where Cathy took us!

Cocktails at Mist
Cathy and Nicole while waiting in line at Mist

A number of people were ahead in line of us waiting to get a table at Mist. We were 12th on the line. But the place was spacious so we didn’t really have to wait so long.

By the time we were done, the place was already closing so we had Mist all to ourselves. That meant a chance for more photos!

I’m smiling but I am also scared the hammock might fall down. It’s hanging from the ceiling and suspended between floors.

The next day, Cathy took us to Bohol Bee Farm. The plan was brunch but we got there by lunch. We had pizza, pasta and ice cream for dessert.

Avocado flavored ice cream – yum!

Bohol Bee Farm had a deck below where you can get closer to the water. The waves were quite strong that day and it was windy too. Didn’t stop us from taking photos. Cathy said people used to do yoga workouts on this deck pre-pandemic.

The View that Made It All Worth It

When Nicole said she wanted a beachfront view, I was indifferent about it. Like I’ve always said, I’m not a beach person. I was not prepared for the amazing view from our beachfront villa.

I actually brought a book to read but traded it for these magazines
It’s definitely a good morning when you wake up to a view like this!
a luxurious beach vacation means taking your coffee with a wonderful view in sight
Taking it all in while drinking my morning coffee and realizing so this is why I stay at my job – so I can have a luxurious beach vacation LOL!
Basking in the morning sun. Can this be my daily life?
glorious sunset on a luxury summer vacation
Watching the sunset on our deck
Night time view from our room. So peaceful!

Actually, besides this view, there’s one more thing that I really loved about this luxurious beach vacation – the jacuzzi. We initially wanted a bath tub so we could enjoy a bubble bath and were disappointed our room didn’t have that. The jacuzzi was actually better! Gave us a chance to not only relax but also further bond.

I could stay here all day long.

The Unwanted Room Visitor

I couldn’t end this blog post without sharing the surprise unwanted visitor we had in our room on our last night at Mithi. It was after we spent the whole night chilling in the jacuzzi. We’ve already retired in bed when I suddenly woke up coughing. I stood up to go to the bathroom but stopped dead in my tracks.

A crab was hanging by our bathroom door!

I wondered if it was a decor that had been there all this time. I wouldn’t put it past me not to notice, not the most observant person at all!

I’ve never seen a crab alive and on its natural habitat? It kind of freaked me out. Actually I think it freaked us out. We both stayed in our bed willing housekeeping to finally get to our room before it could come down and hide. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep knowing that creature was in our room. How it got there and how long it’s been there was a mystery to us.

Found the crab dead the following day just a few steps from our room. I thought they would just maybe throw the crab back on the beach.

Nicole couldn’t see a thing without her glasses so when I asked her, she shared that she had heard rustling. Her initial thought? A spirit! Like a ghost, yes. Not a stray animal. I thought that was pretty funny. What a silly woman! I would’ve thought there was a stray animal if I heard the rustling. We were surrounded by nature after all. Anyway at least we got a funny story to tell from our Bohol trip.

Luxurious Beach Vacation: A Taste of the Good Life

I’m glad I said yes when Nicole invited me. It was such a wonderful vacation and the only thing I would change is to make it a little longer next time. We would’ve done so for this trip but we’re responsible citizens who wanted to exercise their right to vote.

I love living in Metro Manila but I’m grateful I had an opportunity to get away for a little while. I’m also grateful that I have a job that pays me well enough so I could afford to go on a luxurious beach vacation. My stay at Mithi Resort and Spa definitely gave me a taste of the good life and I would love more of it.