I just saw Hannah Montana the movie on DVD last night. I used to watch the series on Disney Channel though not religiously. I thought it was a cute and amusing show about a teenage girl who lives double lives: one as ordinary girl and one as pop star, Hannah Montana. It ran for four seasons on Disney. 

When Hannah Montana’s (Miley Cyrus) persona begins to overwhelm Miley’s actual existence, her father advises her to take a break. So Miley decides to go on a trip to her hometown to do some soul searching.

I’m always interested to watch movies that are all about soul searching but this one’s done with a little lighter feel to it. It was an adaptation of the teen comedy series of the same name. Not too crazy about her leading guy, Lucas Till. I feel like there wasn’t really chemistry between them. I liked him better with Taylor Swift. Oh yeah, in case you did not know that, he was the guy from the video You Belong With Me. 

lucas till actor  

I digged Miley’s outfits though. So cute! 

hannah montana

I also liked the movie soundtrack.

Overall a really enjoyable movie to watch!