The latest movie I can now add to my recently seen list is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Now because I haven’t been watching movies at the cinema lately, I had no idea about this movie. I also recently just found out that this is a movie adaptation of a book which is a four series story. I never saw the trailer for this so I had low expectation when my cousin so generously treated me to a movie in Greenbelt.
So let’s proceed with my thoughts about the movie:

Good special effects. I only say good because it didn’t blow me away. It’s only slightly impressive but I guess I’ll have to wait for the other three for more of the “wow” effects?

The protector guy was funny!

Nice plot though I can’t really credit that on the scriptwriter because it’s from a book. So kudos to the author.

Lastly, I loved Logan Lerman, the guy who played Percy Jackson. Haha. I’m sorry, I just can’t resist adding that. I’m a sucker for hot/cute guys.

                                                     He kinda looks like Zac Efron actually.
It’s a good movie though, seriously. It’s not just because of Logan. It’s entertaining to watch because it’s an adventure film. Never a dull moment. I think I’ll catch the three other films when they do show in cinemas already.