I watched three movies in theaters in the past two weeks so I thought I’d share my movie reviews of those films. Read below to find out what I thought of The Karate Kid, Toy Story 3 and Knight and Day. Plus I have a bit of a social dilemma. Maybe you guys can help me out!

The Karate Kid 

the karate kid movie reviewA remake of the 80s classic movie Karate Kid.  First, I will say what I thought of the movie without comparing it to the original.  I’d say yeah, it’s a good movie. Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan brings it on the big screen. There was a bit of comedy, a hint of drama and of course, some impressive martial arts moves. But! I sure don’t know why they called it The Karate Kid. They should’ve called it Kung Fu Kid considering what Jackie Chan taught was Kung Fu not Karate. The tournament Jaden joined in was also kung fu. The only karate part was a clip where Jaden was shown imitating karate moves from the TV.

Since I did mention this movie is already a remake, I just can’t end it without comparing to the original movie. Movie reviews should definitely have a comparison when the film they’re reviewing is already a remakeI What can I say? Well, I still say the original was way better. Daniel San and Mr. Miyagi = classic partnership. Miyagi also taught more moves to Daniel than Mr. Han did with Drei. Who could forget? Wax On, Wax Off. Paint Fence Side Side. Paint Fence Up Down. Sando Floor Left Right. I got bored with Mr. Han’s Put It On, Take It Off, Pick It Up (The Jacket) training.

And the fight scene, where Drei was up against the bully, man, I was so not impressed. It looked unbelievable. From the slo mo version, you can actually see that it looks as though the bully could’ve hit Drei if he didn’t stand his ground, waiting for him to hit. Daniel San’s Crane move was simpler but that was definitely good. There was suspense in it. Not like with the remake.

Toy Story 3

I have one word to sum up my movie review of Toy Story 3: Tearjerker.

The first two made me cry too. I can so relate with the story. Well I’m not a toy and I won’t be outgrown so I’m sure you know that I’m talking about the boy, Andy, the owner of Woody and Buzz. When the first Toy Story was released, I was still a kid so I really grew up with this movie. And that’s what the story was all about. Growing up and letting go.

Definitely worth watching. But I just saw this in 2D though. 3D is quite expensive. Plus it’s just an added wow factor. I nor the rest of the audience don’t need really need to be impressed with the 3D special effects. The story alone of this movie is impressive enough.

Knight and Day

Tom Cruise in a romcom/action movie? Oh yeah, definitely worth watching! The story plot was also nice. It sure can appeal to girls’ fantasies: meeting a good looking guy, having the chance opportunity to talk with him and already he’s giving you butterflies in your stomach. But as it would turn out he’s a spy who’s literally going to whisk you away in a fast car and become your knight in shining armor, protecting you and rescuing you from the bad guys. I have to say, I wouldn’t mind if the spy looked as gorgeous as Tom Cruise in this movie. Even at 40 something, he still looks good. So it’s not a box office hit but come on, it’s rival is Toy Story 3! Critics in Hollywood are just being too hard on Cruise. Personally, I think the love drunk couch jumping incident and his Scientology rants are not to blame for his less than stellar movie performance – in terms of revenue that is. Lions for Lambs and War of the Worlds they sucked. Lions for Lambs where he played a politician was boring with a capital B! Not even Glenn Close being part of that movie could’ve saved it.  But I digress. I did say I only have three movie reviews to share today.

All I really want to say is that when it comes to what makes or breaks a movie, it’s all about the story!

So that’s it for my movie reviews!

How Do I Deal?

Okay, now on to my How to Deal question. Here’s another confession: I’m not a very sociable person. I’m often quiet and I prefer to run in small group circles. My personality has a mix of shyness and snobbishness to it. I’m only talkative when I finally feel close to someone. Now, someone wants to meet with me in person and I’ve only exchanged a few messages with this person, It’s also so very new our exchanging of messages, less than a month old so when I was asked, alarm bells seriously rang in my head. A big part of my brain of course is screaming out ‘Hell No!’ but a small part is saying ‘Go on. Try.’ So my question is: How do I deal? Do I go? Do I not go? HELP!