I love Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer on Two and a Half Men. It’s a funny TV show. And you know how they say laughter is the best medicine? I found that to be true in my case when I was recovering from a very bad break up and it’s all thanks to Two and a Half Men. But Charlie Sheen has been suffering from a very public meltdown. Recently, he took a hit on his CBS bosses. As a result they’re cancelling his TV show! This makes me sad. I mean first CBS cancels Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Ghost Whisperer just when it was getting really really exciting and now they’re cancelling Two and a Half Men. Oh Charlie. What’s happening to you? You’re so like Lindsay Lohan.

Speak of Lindsay, did you guys know she’s back in court again? She’s being charged for felony of a necklace. I really like Lindsay Lohan especially her Freaky Friday and Just My Luck movies. Honestly she’s really more talented than Hilary Duff though I like her too. Lilo though can really act. She’s a talented girl! Sexy and stylish too. This is why it makes me sadder that she’s back in trouble with the law again. She’s a real mess and I’m still waiting for her to clean up her act. Linds! Come on, I’m rooting for you!

On the other hand, I went window shopping yesterday at SM. Being the shoe lover that I am, I just couldn’t miss not stopping by the shoes section. I fell in love at the sight of these:

Parisian sure has come a long way. They’ve been coming out with a lot of fabulous shoes these days and I want to buy both! But since I’m soon leaving my current work, the amount of money I earn every month is about to dwindle. They’re of the same style, just different colors so I guess I’m gonna have to pick one or the other. But which to buy?