I’ve  just very recently come across Selena Gomez’s new song, The Heart Wants What It Wants that had a lot of the media buzzing because they said it’s her song for on again and off again boyfriend, Justin Bieber. And recently, she performed it at the 2014 American Music Awards and got the media and the fans (including me!) talking about it even more because she got really emotional while performing it.

I heard the song and I watched her performance at the AMAs. Music critics call this her painfully pathetic song. But while I agree that this is painful (my heart went out to her especially while I watched this live performance. Kinda made me shed a tear like Taylor Swift did), I personally believe there is nothing pathetic about it. 
I understand her pain. I understand fully well the feeling of being in love with someone who doesn’t seem good for you. Who brings you heartache. And the desire to let go and move on from it… But somehow find yourself stuck and unable to leave. Repeating the cycle over and over again, until your heart is not just bruised but trampled on, it’s barely beating… because you love the person so much that it  also hurts to not be with them…
“There’s a million reasons why I should give you up. But the heart wants what it wants.”      

But when something – or someone isn’t good for you, mustering up courage is in order to fully let go and break free. After all, like the Spice Girls once sang, “too much of something is bad enough”. A girl’s gotta realize her self-worth’s more important than any guy – no matter how much you love him. I hope Selena does make it out alive, that she survives this fever. I love #Jelena but I’m all for Selena ditching Justin for good if all their relationship brings her is confusion and drama. And Selena is a beautiful and talented girl anyway. I’m sure she’ll meet another guy somewhere who will love and treat her right… if she only opens her eyes and heart eventually.