Confession: Sometimes, I think I could have a career as a music supervisor for films/TV shows like Dawson’s Creek (for the 90s kids) and Vampire Diaries.

Because aside from a good story plot, it’s the soundtrack that draws people in.

Imagine this for a story background: Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love. But no happy ending for her for one of the following reasons: Tipong unrequited love/pinaasa sa wala/bawal na pagibig 

Songs I’d play for this part of the story:

1.  Nina- Why Can’t It Be? 

Because let’s face it, love knows no reason. ‘Pag nainlove ka sa tao, e nainlove ka. Despite the looks, despite the status in life – mahirap/mayaman, despite the marital status – may girlfriend/may asawa. So yeah when you end up falling in love with someone who can’t be yours kasi may girlfriend/may asawa/may mahal na iba,  you ask yourself, “Why Can’t It Be?” – bakit nga ba? Wrong timing?

Why can’t it be?
Why can’t it be the two of us?
Why can’t we be lovers? Only friends?

Baby I dream of you every minute
You’re in my dreams
You’re always in it
That’s the only place I know
Where you could be mine 
And I’m yours (baby I’m yours)
Only till I wake up

2. Lisa Loeb – Fools Like Me 

Aminin! Pag nainlove tapos hindi happy ending, so perfect for those in love with someone who just can’t love them back because well… they love someone else – you tell yourself love was made for fools like you! When you’re broken hearted, there’s that part that of you that just wants to be alone, pity party for one. Side note: this is a soundtrack from Grey’s Anatomy the early seasons – you know, those days when Meredith was still pining over Derek aka McDreamy who turned out to be married!

Everybody go, the party’s over
I want to be alone in my head, in my bed tonight
You never show

You must really love her
You think I don’t know but I do
Yeah it’s true
I think over is over

3. One Direction – More Than This

Another side note: discovered this song through a friend’s blog which she posted when she was broken hearted. Such a sad song. Bagay for those who believes that the love they have to give is so much stronger, so much better than the one that the guy/girl they choose to be with can give. Bume-better than ang peg! At umaasa that the person they love will see that.

I’m broken, do you hear me?
I’m blinded ’cause you are everything I see
I’m dancing along, praying 
That your heart will just turn around

When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight,
It just won’t feel right,
‘Cause I can love you more than this, yeah,
When he lays you down,
I might just die inside,
It just don’t feel right,
‘Cause I can love more than this 

4. Backstreet Boys – That’s What She Said 

Para sa mga pinaasa that they were actually loved only to realize that the truth of the matter is, hindi talaga.

There are people who say what you want to hear
Even on a rainy day they’ll tell you that the sky is clear 

Those simple lies that she fed 
I will never leave you
All the love I thought she had 
But can you blame me, no
Cos that’s what she said 

5. A Fine Frenzy – Ashes and Wine 

This I discovered naman because I got hooked on The Holiday. Anyhow, this is so fitting for those who got their heart broken but still may part na umaasa that what it all is is a minor bump in the road to their happy ever after together.

Is there a chance? 
A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel?
A reason to fight? 
Is there a chance you may change your mind?
Or are we ashes and wine?