My Saturday was spent re-visiting the Mind Museum at Bonifacio Global City. This is all thanks of course to the free all day passes that they gave me for blogging about their newest exhibit: The Apocalypse Project
Thank you for the all day passes Mind Museum! (“,)

Since I was with Jordan, an OOTD photo shoot was part of the agenda again. I’m seriously starting to love taking shots of our outfits – challenges me to dress up more so I can look pretty/cute for the pictures. It was how we entertained ourselves while we waited for Ryan to arrive.

Another pretty top from Ezra, bought from Zalora (“,)

And while we were roaming around the area of Burgos Circle, we saw this white, fluffy cat sitting in the bushes. I just couldn’t resist taking a photo! It’s just sooooooo cute, I wanted to pick it up and ran my hand over its fur.
We let the inner child out of us at the Science-at-the-Park too, located outside the museum. It’s nice to be silly from time to time. 

These are the new things I saw at the museum:

A little science class for kids was going on when we got there. 
Inside the carbon 
Feeling like a paleontologist! 
And of course, I checked out the The Apocalypse Project exhibit at the second floor of the museum. 
Jordan checking out the Smell Bar of Vanishing Scents 
Another everyday outfit in the imagined future. Fishnets are a big hit to repel those pesky mosquitoes that bring diseases! There are so many of them already they’ve driven the mosquito repellent industry bankrupt! 
This is one of the everyday wear of the future – a cooling outfit because in the imagined future, the heat is so strong, it’s impossible to go out without wearing such outfit! 
This is a beauty pageant gown made out of black plastic trash bag 
This is a barong with a hood because climate change makes the prediction of weather so unpredictable so it’s best to be prepared for your wedding day!  If it rains, pull up the hoodie and when it stops, just remove it.
Such an interesting exhibit to see! We’re already feeling the effects of climate change, wearing such couture in the future seems like a near-reality! Scary right?