After almost two years since the pandemic began, I was finally comfortable enough to explore again. I said yes to my cousin, who likes long drives when he asked again. He’s been inviting me to go on travels with him but I’ve always turned him down. Partly because we’re still in a pandemic and do not want to unwittingly bring home Covid-19 virus to my family. The other part is pure laziness to go out so far especially on a Sunday.

It was a quick trip out of town. We went to The Ruined Project in Crosswinds, Tagaytay, one early Friday morning. The last time I visited Crosswinds was a few years ago when there was not a lot to do in the place since it was newly developed.

A Look at The Ruined Project

What’s so special about The Ruined Project? The place itself. It’s a charming coffee shop with grey walls, wooden furniture, books and plants decor, and neon light signs. It’s not much different than The Coffee Project one would find in some parts of the Metro. Only, this place is bigger and located in Tagaytay, where the weather is much cooler, especially in the early morning.

welcome to The Ruined Project

We got to The Ruined Project at half past 7 in the morning and had the whole place to ourselves for a while. It was quiet and the wind was cool.

What We Did at Crosswinds, Tagaytay

The Ruined Project was the main agenda of going to Crosswinds. We were going to have coffee and eat breakfast there. I ordered Chicken Parmigiana and hot Caramel Latte while my cousin had the Pork Belly Barbecue and Iced White Mocha.

I don’t think these meals are available in The Coffee Project branches. I’m glad the food didn’t disappoint. It was a good breakfast.

I picked out this card at the Love Jar available by the counter of the coffee shop. I don’t know if it’s always there or if it’s just a little gimmick because it was February when we went. Anyway, when I read this card I was stumped. Couldn’t really think of ever having a romantic date. Has it been that long since I was out on a date? Or was it because I’ve never really experienced one. It might be both. Darn my life these days. So void of romance.

Coffee with a view! As I sat there with my coffee drink on hand, I couldn’t help but smile. Life at that particular moment was good. Peaceful.

We explored some other places at Crosswinds such as Napa. Yep, Napa like Napa Valley, California. That’s what this particular place was emulating. And I imagine, it’s nice to stay there too, with a glass of wine on hand and in the company of good friends.

But we only just ate and were there only for a short while. There was no time to wine and dine. So I just took in the view and got a few pictures taken.

I wished I could stay on longer. I felt so relaxed here! But neither of us could. We had agreed it was just a quick trip. We both still had work that day. When some of my friends found out I went to Tagaytay, they too said I should stay for a while and work there instead. I didn’t bring my laptop though and didn’t really want to waste the beautiful scenery sitting in a corner where there’s WiFi glued to my computer as I usually am especially these days.

I’d come back another time to Crosswinds, at Napa in particular. Hopefully with my closest friends in tow.

We were back in Manila by lunchtime and by afternoon, I was back to grinding hard at work, in front of the computer, holed up in my room. Going to Tagaytay was a welcome break. I’m glad I finally agreed to go. It made me feel alive and excited again. Being in a pandemic and all the stuff at work takes a toll on one’s mental health. Maybe someday I could be like the Titas of Manila aka ladies who lunch. For now, I’ll just be grateful that I found time for myself, away from all the stress and toxicity even for a short while.