Ever since I discovered the wonders make up can do, I’ve loved wearing it. I hardly go out of the house without makeup nowadays. It’s nice to wear makeup. Now my Dad had always told me I don’t need makeup just to feel beautiful. “Mas maganda parin ang natural beauty anak,” he always said.

Well, while I have embraced and will continue to embrace the kikay side of me, I still believe what he said about loving one’s natural beauty. I firmly believe that we women should use makeup to enhance their already naturally beautiful faces and not hide it. And I specially believe that we shouldn’t feel the need to photoshop our flaws away or filter it for that matter! That’s why I just love the new campaign of The Body Shop, The No Retouch Movement for their All-in-One Instablur.
The Body Shop’s All-in-One Instablur 5-action perfector will give you flawless, photo-perfect looking skin in an instant. It comes only in one universal shade so whatever skin tone you have, you can blur your skin imperfections in an instant without having the need to filter your photo – especially perfect for those who love taking selfies! 
Insta-Blur has a unique formula made of mattifying spherical powders with smart-filling properties and moisturizing Vitamin E. 
Instablur kinda looks like paste.
The Body Shop invited me to try it on for myself along with some other bloggers one Saturday. Perfect timing because I had another event to attend to after that! 
My selfie after The Body Shop’s makeup artist worked her magic on me with the Instablur. Look at that! My pores were minimized and my dark under eye circles barely noticeable. I also like the fact that it felt smooth on my face. A plus is that even after a few hours of wearing this, my face wasn’t oily which is usually the case even with mattifying foundation on. 

And after getting a makeover, we also had a photoshoot!

This is me with The Body Shop ladies, Anne and Danica

And this is me along with the other ladies who also said Yes to Natural Beauty 

The Body Shop also has an advocacy partnership with the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). YWCA is a global network of women in 125 countries worldwide that are advocating for peace, justice, human rights, environment, and the status of women. You can write an uplifting note to inspire the women in this organization whenever they are feeling a little low and dropping it on one of their inspirational boxes or by posting your note on The Body Shop’s community wall.  

You too can join the No Retouch Movement. Be an advocate of natural beauty. Support The Body Shop’s No Retouch Campaign!