I learned of another site, Solitaire.org, that hosts a number of free games! They’re the kind of online games that bring me back to when I was still a child growing up in the 90s. Computers and the Internet were new things back then. Let me tell you about the games I checked out on the site.

Classic Solitaire

So I had to try one of their online Solitaire games. Did you guys know there’s a bunch of different types of Solitare games? I only ever knew of two, the Classic and Spider Solitaire and these are because of Windows. I recall Solitare to be one of the free games available. This, along with Pinball, were the games I would play whenever I needed a short break from studying/writing/researching.

Of course, even before it ever went digital, I’ve been playing Solitaire card game when I was a kid. My grandma taught me. She said before I play I should make a wish and if I complete the game, my wish would come true! I hardly ever won a game though! Digital or otherwise. Still, it’s a fun and simple card game to play.

Cookie Monster

If Solitaire isn’t your kind of game, well, feel free to check out their other online games such as Cookie Monster.

Does it remind you of a popular arcade game? Well, that’s because it’s a PacMan-inspired game! The objective of the game is the same – eat all the pellets and don’t get eaten by the ghosts! Oh I was so addicted to this game back when I was a kid! I’d feel panic rising as the ghosts close in on me and all-powerful once I’ve eaten a power pellet. Yes, I chase the ghosts and eat them! Take that monsters! LOL! I still felt the same way when I tried the game again.

Haven’t gotten past Level 2 yet. Gonna take me a bit more practice again! This game needs dexterity! And like I said, it’s been so long since I played one.

Hidden Objects

Another game I love playing is hidden objects. In fact, I’ve downloaded and played a couple of free hidden objects games on my phone too. I must admit I don’t really have such a keen eye to spot the hidden objects so easily or the patience for it sometimes. So yeah, I get hints so I can find the item that may sometimes turn out to be hiding in plain sight! I like playing this kind of game when I have more time to kill. After all, the only way to find the objects is to really pay attention and look closely.

Word Search

Just like Solitare, I already loved Word Search games even back in the days when it wasn’t an online game yet. In fact, I remember getting a word search activity book gift from my parents when I was growing up. I’d use a pencil of course so I can easily erase the marks if I found I was on the wrong track.

Wasn’t easy to win this word search game! It took me a while to find all the words! And sometimes, the bottleneck came from looking for the shorter words. But in the end, I found all the words. I still claim victory!