Like most ladies, I like getting a facial to pamper myself and de-stress from a busy lifestyle. But while I’m familiar with Bioessence, I have never tried nor considered going there before to try their services – that is until they gave me a premium pass to try their beauty break facial or back massage when I was at the Blogapalooza event.

It had been months since I last got a facial and my skin seemed to have been in dire need of one since I kept having acne breakouts – especially around that time of the month – so I wasted no time in booking an appointment at the nearest branch where I could avail of it. Plus Jordan and I want to meet Allison Harvard. We’re fans of her from her days as a contestant of America’s Next Top Model and she’s Bioessence’s current endorser and some bloggers will get the chance to meet her. *Fingers crossed* 
I took a selfie that morning without filter and acne breakout can really be seen. Yech! I feel like my teenage self again with so many pimples on my face! Haha!
While waiting to be escorted to our rooms for the facial, we were met by the branch manager, Ms. Cecil (such a warm and welcoming woman!) who talked to us for a little while about Bioessence and what sets them apart from their competitors. She said that at Bioessence they don’t just treat you as a client, they treat you like you’re family. 
Anyway, this is a short of the room where I had my treatment. It looks like any other facial rooms except for that plant decor there. I thought that was a nice touch. It kind of added a little something to the room, right? 
The steam machine and the other facial tools
And finally my beauty break facial began…  
This is me getting my face steamed to open my pores.
And the painful part of the facial begins – the extraction! Yowtch!
Finally, moisturizer is applied on my face. This is the last part of the beauty break facial.

The beauty break facial is done pretty quickly. The treatment only last for 20-30 mins tops. It’s perfect for those who have a tight schedule but want to squeeze in a quick pamper me time. 
No filter selfie with Maila after our beauty break facial.

Jordan who was also with us wasn’t initially going to get any service done. He just wanted to tag along to ask whether Bioessence LPL Suites branch in Makati (right across Greenbelt 5) offered the back massage and possibly be the photographer for the night. But since we couldn’t take photos of the facilities (it was peak time after all. Understandable that we couldn’t in consideration of Bioessence’s other clients), he was just going to wait for us to finish our treatment. That is until Ms. Cecil, the branch manager, was kind enough to offer him the back massage for free even though he didn’t have his voucher with him. 
So while waiting for him, I took some shots of the product displays in the reception area. 

This buckwheat tea kind of made me curious. So I looked it up on Google and found out that buckwheat is a healthy weight loss drink. It’s a low calorie drink. In order to lose one pound of body weight according to what I read, it takes a deficit of 3,500 calories. If you substitute 8 ounces of buckwheat tea for the same amount of regular cola, you’re consuming 89 lesser calories. So if you drink buckwheat tea three times a week in a year, you stand to lose about 4 pounds of body weight. 
Buckwheat also has catechins which are natural oxidants which can also be found in green tea which studies have found to help in weight loss.    
After his massage, I asked him how it was and he told me it was one darn good massage! Me? Oh I enjoyed the beauty break facial I had. Sure the extraction part hurt but only a little. The woman who worked on me had light hands, thankfully! 

I enjoyed my first visit at Bioessence. Actually all three of us did. What I loved most about my experience is the fact that they were all very warm and accommodating to us. I’ve been to so many skincare clinics in the metro but this was the first time I ever felt very welcomed. 
In fact we got invited to come back and celebrate their 20th anniversary where we could avail of other free treatments – well we get to try and experience a preview of some of their services such as oxygen infusion, diamond peel, back massage etc. I’ll blog about that more separately. 
Thank you Bioessence for the wonderful experience. You betcha I’m coming back to try more of your services.