I just saw Hilary Duff’s video for Chasing the Sun. I’m glad she’s back. I have been a fan of Hilary since her stint as Lizzie Mcguire on Disney and since her song “This is What Dreams are Made of”, part of the soundtrack from The Lizzie Mcguire movie.

This made me miss summer days, particularly those summer days when it meant long vacations. I haven’t experienced a long vacation since I started College. The school I went to held classes in the summer. And while I take vacation leaves from work, I’ve only taken a day or two off, no more than that. I love what I do anyway so I’m dedicated to what I do. But you know, life in PR can be pretty stressful – in fact, it is listed as one of the top ten most stressful jobs by CareerCast.com. And even the most dedicated employee gets exhausted from time to time. So yeah, I think I need to take another vacation real soon because I feel drained and I need to recharge. Hmmm… there’s a long weekend coming up. Maybe I will take that opportunity for some quality rest and relaxation.