After my first visit at Bioessence LPL Suites, it wasn’t long before I, together with Jordan, went back to the branch. See, Bioessence is already on their 20th year and they were celebrating it by giving their clients and friends a chance to try some of their services for free. And so Ms. Cecil, the branch’s manager, invited us back to come and celebrate with them.

This beauty clinic chain began operations provincially in 1994, specifically in Marfori Heights, Davao with only 3-bed clinic (2 for facials and 1 for slimming). Fast forward to 20 years later and it has grown to be a well-known brand in the Phiippines with 50 outlets nationwide!

One of the things I got to try was their hand paraffin service where your hands are dipped in a tub of hot wax. It’s the perfect way to pamper one’s hands after all the hard work we put it through. A paraffin wax will leave the hands feeling oh-so-smooth.

My hands were dipped about six times in this hot wax! It was so hot I was cringing while dipping!
And then we let it drip after the sixth
It was then wrapped in plastic for about 15 minutes

While I waited for that plastic to be unwrapped, I also tried on Bioessence’s Diamond Peel and Oxygen Infusion. I couldn’t take photos though since I couldn’t use my hands. Wrong move! I kinda liked getting the Diamond Peel and Oxygen Infusion services although they were really just a sneak peak and not the full blown treatments. I’m gonna go back to get both services done at Bioessence.

The obligatory no filter selfie after getting our treatments done. My face is kinda glowing!

Bioessence video with Allison Harvard played on loop at the reception area. Ooh look! It’s a Lenovo laptop!

Bioessence prides its brand of customer care, attending to the customers as they come to the clinic on schedule, and follow up on them after the treatments, and make sure the clients are well guided on every step of their beauty regimen. Their staff are highly trained therapists, equipped with medical related personnel and professional staff. They get their training abroad so the services they give their clients are at par with global standards and you’re sure that they are competent and credible to perform beauty and spa services which is very important of course since this is skin care we’re talking about here!

They’ve even made it so much easier for their clients to book an appointment for facial, slimming or wellness offers by coming up with their own vanity number, 0918-8-BEAUTY (232889). You can also inquire about their latest beauty products they offer and more about its aggreessive, offering of its spa and slimming services. Not sure where the nearest Bioessence is around your area or their clinic hours? You can also ask them through that number! I love how convenient they’ve made it for their clients!

They were all very welcoming during our first visit and I witnessed that again during their anniversary celebration. The staff were all very warm and pleasant not only with us but with all the people who came to their clinic. It was peak hours again when we visited and the number of people they had at the time doubled from what we initially saw on our first visit. There were queue at almost every free service they offered that night but the staff made sure that everyone was well taken care of – asking if they would like to try another service first or if they’ve already eaten. What great service seriously!

Bioessence advocates sharing wellness to everyone. To be the TOP CHOICE when it comes to facial, skin care, non invasive slimming and spa needs. They aim to make sure clients have a truly holistic experience with every visit at any Bioessence branch.

Have you ever tried Bioessence and their services? I’d love to hear about your experience with them.