During my recent get together with my Serenity friends (that’s what we called our council when we were taking this leadership program called LEAP), I was asked what my life’s theme will be next year. And actually, I’ve been thinking about that recently… Next year, I see myself taking off to see the world…

Yep! My life’s theme next year is all about TRAVEL. Whether it’s somewhere within the country or outside, I see myself going somewhere I haven’t been before.

Speaking of, I just have to share what I normally bring with me when I’m traveling whether for work or leisure aka my beauty, entertainment and gadget travel essentials.

I’m sure a lot of women can relate when I say that a good skincare routine should not be ignored even when traveling.

1. Day moisturizer – Currently I’m using The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Aqua Sorbet. It feels cool on the skin and that’s what I like about it. It’s actually perfect for our tropical weather – you know to combat the intense heat brought on by the sun.

2. Toner – I’ve been using Pond’s White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner for the longest time (since high school actually!)

3. Olay Serum – One of the latest additions to my daily skincare regimen which I apply after toning.

4. Sun Block – Not to be forgotten of course because the harsh rays of the sun can contribute to faster skin aging and skin cancer so it’s best to be protected!

5. Eye Serum – I’m currently trying out The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate. Just a light pump and I can already roll a generous amount of serum under my eyes. It feels cool too so I especially like applying it in the morning.

6. Lotion – I like applying a generous amount on my skin after bathing. Jergens is a favorite of mine!

7. Night Moisturizer – I’m using Olay’s Regenerist Micro-sculpting cream moisturizer. Another anti-aging product. I think my skin is hiyang with Olay’s because people often tell me “blooming ako” which they attribute to my being in love (but really it’s just a matter of using good moisturizer!)

8-10. Pens and Planner – To write down details about the places I’ve been to, my schedules, spending and basically just to write, write, write about anything under the sun! And isn’t NAVI just the perfect planner for travels?

11. Facial wash (not pictured here) – to wash away dirt and dust, keeping my face clean to prevent pimples. I alternate between Olay’s, Pond’s and St. Ives.

Because I want to look pretty in my travel photos, I have my make up and accessory essentials too!

1. The Body Shop’s Instablur – I don’t like wearing heavy foundation when I’m traveling. But because I still want to hide my blemishes and dark spots, I put on something as light as this 5 in 1 product on my face.

2. Mascara – To give my eyes a lil’ pop! It gives the illusion that I have longer, darker and basically thicker lashes.

3. Scrunchie – To keep my hair off my face

4. Ring – One of the only two accessories I bring when I travel. It’s my favorite ring, given by my former boss when she visited Rome. I’m super in love with its color – green (‘cos that’s my favorite color)

5. Maybelline Lip Balm – To keep my lips moisturized

6-7. Revlon’s Cream Stick Blush On and Beauty Concepts Chubby Lip Stick – To add a lil color to my cheeks and lips. Pink is my go-to color.

8.  Majolica’s Brow & Lash Colorist – Not to be missed because I have thin brows so to define my brows, I always put this on!

9. Clean and Clear’s Oil Control Films – To blot out excess oil from my T-zone.

10. Avon Earrings

11. Umbrella – I always bring one because you never know when you’re gonna need it! It’s perfect for when you need to protect yourself from the heat or unexpected rain showers!

12. Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder – I use this to set my make up on and to keep my face from being so shiny!

13. Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Lotion – A lotion addict like me needs two! One for the whole body and another small one just for my hands.

14. Vitress Hair Polish – To tame my frizzy hair!

15. Comb

And lastly because delays and waiting time are sometimes part of traveling, whether by land, water or air, I keep with me stuff to keep me occupied.

1. Charger – A handy charger for when I need to recharge my gadgets

2. Sun Glasses – To keep myself from squinting when the sun is shining brightly out

3. A book – A good way to pass the time

4. Samsung Point and Shoot Digital Camera – To capture memories of my travels with friends and family

5. Earphones – So I can listen to music on Spotify on my mobile phone.

6. Mobile Phone – I’m currently using the Lenovo S850. It’s one of Lenovo’s mid-range price smartphones. When I’m bored, I like to play games, listen to music or browse the Net using this. I also use it as an alternative camera.

You know what my favorite kind of travel is? It’s a road trip – wind in my hair, stare out in the open road, listen or sing along to the music, chit chat with friends while having snacks. And boy, would I love to go on a road trip in the US! Maybe in the near future I could get my friends on board to do that! A car won’t be a problem because I just found out there are companies like RelayRides! They have rental cars across the country like LA, Washington DC, San Francisco and Chicago and you can even rent different kinds of cars like a Jaguar, Subaru, Ford or even a Benz! Nice noh? I read how it works (as though I’m already about to do that road trip) and it looked pretty easy enough to do. You can learn how the service works here. Someday, I’ll do that. (“,)

But you know even if you’re a tourist or a business person flying somewhere in the US, you’ll still need access to transportation that will help you get around the city you’re visiting right? Again RelayRides can help you out because they have rental cars at the airport across the US (available at over 200 airports and over 1900 cities) and they even offer 24/7 roadside assistance and support.

 So anyway, that’s how my 2015 will be. It’s all about TRAVEL. What’s your life’s theme for 2015? And what are your own travel essentials?