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My friends and I recently went on a weekend drive to La Union just to eat. It was a quick getaway but it was a fun and welcome break from being in the city. It was a long trip, around 4 hours with a stop over at a roadside restaurant in Pangasinan for lunch. Some people don’t enjoy long travels by land but I do. Well that is if we’re in our own vehicle.

I’ve always loved the idea of road trips, windows down and good music playing in the car stereo. I’d be in the company of good friends and we’d stop by every now and then when we see something interesting along the road to our destination.

If I had a car, I’d be that person who’s always inviting friends to go for a drive out of town. There’s so many road trip destinations to take in Luzon alone!

Here are some of the places that are on my travel bucket list:


Look up road trip destinations to take and Tagaytay City in the province of Cavite will be on that list for sure! And why not really? Tagaytay alone already has so many places one can check out especially restaurants or coffee shops with a view. I personally want to come back to Crosswinds to try out Napa Restaurant. And have a staycation at Escala Hotel which has a panoramic view of Taal volcano.

And of course, there’s more to Cavite than Tagaytay. I’ve read about so many more restaurants and coffee shops in Cavite that I want to visit. Here’s a list of some Instagram worthy restos and cafes to scope out.

Though food trip isn’t really the only reason I want to go to Cavite. I also want to visit the Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine, in Kawit, Cavite. After all, his house was where the Philippine Independence from the Spanish was proclaimed back in June 12, 1898. And recently added to my list is Torres Farm and Resort which features many replicas of world landmarks such as Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and Pyramid of Egypt.


This province is also on my list of road trip destinations to take. I’ve seen various articles as well that includes this place as a must visit for coffee shops and restaurants mostly. While I’m taking notes of those food establishments, I’ve got other places in mind.

I want to go to Angono, Rizal, the art capital of the Philippines. So many art galleries and museums to check out! I also want to go on a day tour at Tanay, Rizal to check out El Patio Razon for a hot kawa bath, Celossian Flower Farm and Calinawan Cave.

road trip destination: Rizal
Photo credit: Kawa Hot Bath at El Patio Razon

Klook offers a join in tour for this but I’ve not had a good experience of any of the join in tours I’ve done in the past. If I had a car, I would only be in the company of friends and time is in our hands.


This province is most popularly known for Hundred Islands and I so want to see this tourist attraction! Also on my radar is Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, one of the five major lighthouses in the Philippines. Up until 2004, it guided ships in the West Philippine Sea. Still its structure is worthy of a photo! Here are some more tourist spots that may be worth checking out in Pangasinan.


Of course when you talk of road trip destinations to take and Albay is in the list, it means checking out Mayon Volcano, the world’s perfectly coned shape volcano. It’s a majestic view to look at when it’s quiet. Incidentally, another sight to see in Albay is the Cagsawa Ruins, the church that was destroyed and buried when Mayon Volcano erupted, with only its church tower and walls that can be seen.

Photo credit: Zen Rooms

Oh and for a chill day, I’d also stay for a day or two at Misibis Bay Resort.


Last on my list of road trip destinations to take if I had a car is Laguna. Of course when I was a kid, my family often went here during summer to swim. There are a lot of private pool and spring resorts in Laguna though there’s so much more in this province to see.

Included in my list to check out are Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery where catacombs of friars and wealthy people were laid to rest. It’s a historical and religious structure that’s showcases a beautifully preserved architecture, dating back to the 18th century. Paete, Laguna, often dubbed as the Wood Carving of the Philippines. Oh and I also want to visit Casa San Pablo and Villa Escudero.

My Choice of Car

If a road trip was enough reason for me to get a car, I’d have one by now. I’d buy a hybrid car for sure because I’m concerned about the environment and I don’t want to add to air pollution. It would also be a roomy car that can fit five people and luggage comfortably. And it would be a car that’s also stunning to look at! In fact the design is the very first thing that draws me in. A great thing about hybrid cars is that it can run on fuel and electricity. With fuel prices rising up, this car will definitely be a good choice.

However, while I muse about owning a car, I’m not on the market for one right now. Though yes I definitely see the advantage of having one especially this pandemic. With a car, mobility is easier and may even be the safer choice these days. No wonder car sales are up.

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And because number crunching can be so overwhelming, it would help to clear your mind by taking a break from time to time as well. You can click on their arcade section. Apple and Onion cat rescue and Batman Gotham City Speed are worth playing.

Buying a car is a big financial decision to make so it is always best to think things through. Weigh the pros and cons. As for me, well, I’ll just have to keep on convincing friends with cars to go on those road trips with me. For now, I’ll be the passenger happy to help out with car trip expenses.