After days of watching dark films and/or series on Netflix like the much talked about Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock and YOU starring Pretty Little Liars alum Shay Mitchell and Gossip Girl alum, Penn Badgley, the newest series release of Netflix, Sex Education was a refreshing break. 

Watch the trailer: 
What it’s about:
This British web TV series is about Otis, a socially awkward teenager who channels his sex therapist mother as he gives his fellow teens counselling on their sex related issues on a clinic he sets up with the beautiful, smart and rebellious, Maeve. 
What I thought: (Spoilers ahead!) 
Story Wise
Considering the topic is sex, this is an R-18 rated series. It is a raunchy series. Lots of sex and nudity that’s for sure! But it’s more than just about hormone crazed teenagers and that’s what I liked about this series. The show tackled topics like self love, family drama, embracing sexual identity, friendship  and of course, love and relationships!  
I like that while the show will amuse you, it’ll also give you some drama! Like when Eric gets attacked by a couple of strangers on his birthday when he was in a drag costume. Or Maeve getting an abortion. The creators of this series were able to balance it out well that it’ll provide viewers with good entertainment while mixing some serious issues in it. 
The Characters
I thought all the characters of this series are well thought out. 
  • Otis is the socially awkward teenage boy with the aversion to sex
  • Eric, his best friend, starts out to be the cliche best friend but as the series progressed, his character’s role deepens – from the struggles with bullying, his gay identity and his home life
  • Maeve, the rebel girl, learns to embrace the fact that she’s smart 
  • Jackson, the popular jock, is revealed to struggle with the adults’ expectation of his success as a swimming star 
  • Aimee is portrayed as an airhead but as the show progressed, is revealed to be someone sweet 
The Love Triangle of Otis, Ola and Maeve

Maeve is smart and beautiful so it’s not hard to understand Otis’ attraction to her. She’s also an outcast since she doesn’t like to comply to the teen societal norms and even with family trouble, she remains strong. 
Ola is the daughter of Jakob, the plumber who also becomes the love interest of Otis’ mom. She’s also beautiful and seems to have a little bit of family drama as well but her character seems easier to be around. Towards the end of the series, Otis is seen kissing her with Maeve seemingly hurt after witnessing this. 
Will Otis continue to be with Ola once he finds out Maeve also has feelings for him? Personally though, I’m all for team Ola! 
The Soundtrack

There are lots of good music played throughout the series. It’s a mix of 80’s and 90’s music. Listen to the soundtrack here.
The Sex Clinic 
But what made me love this series more than anything is when Otis starts to give his “clinic patients” advice. 
In one episode, Otis encounters a couple at a party whose issue was about not being able to agree on their preference of whether to have sex lights off or lights on. The girl preferred to do the deed with the lights off because she was insecure about her body. But Otis made her realize that if she can’t like  herself, how can she expect her partner to feel that way about her? 
In another episode, Otis talks Lily, the girl drawing a tentacled alien conquering her body, about her situation. She suffers from vaginismus (a muscular condition that makes sex painful) and Otis tries to help her by having her ride down the hill on a bike. Of course even when she successfully does it, it doesn’t automatically help her. The beautiful part of that scene is their conversation exchange where Otis asked her why she seemed desperate to have sex and Lily admits to her fear of getting left behind. 
“It’s not a race,” Otis tells her. 

And it’s not a race. It shouldn’t be a race. Each have their own journey and timeline. Not just when it comes to sex! 


I really enjoyed watching this coming-of-age series and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new series to watch. It’s got that John Hughes feel to it. It’s in a British setting but the feels are very American. I read that that’s actually the intent of the writer, Laurie Nunn and series director, Ben Taylor.
I liked Sex Education so much that I actually watched the entire thing in one sitting! I hope Netflix renews this for a second season!