A friend from the gym invited me to a weekend getaway in Batangas a couple of weeks ago. I, along with a couple more people from the gym got whisked away to Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club for Alfred’s post birthday celebration.

I first heard of the place from my Dad who was a real estate broker. He had planned on selling units from this residential resort. He had shown me pictures and I’ve always thought it was beautiful. I also remember conversations with friends from the office about how I wish we could have a company trip at Pico de Loro considering our management seemed to be very fond of Batangas (for the past couple of years, we’ve always been going to a beach in Batangas for our company summer outing).😅 But it had always been wishful thinking – Pico de Loro as far as we knew was a members-only resort. I guess they changed that over time since non-members are now welcome though members get more benefits I suppose and access. 
I’m not a beach person. But I’m always up for a fun weekend getaway with friends.
We had a few stopovers along the way ‘cos Alfred’s parents kept buying food whenever we passed by vendors on the road. Such generous folks spoiling us with food! Took the photo above on the side of the road where we stopped for the fresh buko juice that his parents bought for us all. It’s a lovely sight to see – those hues of blue and green.    
My travel buddies: Rej, Hazel, Lienel and birthday boy, Alfred.  
This is us at the condo when we finally arrived at our destination. Sleeping on the floor is Rej who was running on zero sleep before the trip (up all night playing Mobile Legends no doubt!😂). He actually slept most of the time during the trip to Batangas. 
This is the view from our condo. I love seeing all that greenery. 
All of us would later on end up sleeping in for the rest of the afternoon – tired from the early morning trip – and would get up almost evening so we could have dinner, drinks and a swim in the pool.

They said this photo taken by Rej made them look like the kontrabida (the bad guys – Hazel, Lienel and Alfred with the flower on his ear) in a soap opera surrounding me like that whereas I look like the inaaping bida (the heroine) who would of course later on triumph against them.😆😂 I love this shot even more because of that story. 
It’s as though we coordinated outfits. Alfred and Lienel in matching tie dyed shirts. Rej and I with the orange colored top and shorts. even Hazel’s got an orange hue going on. 
The beach. Hazel, Alfred and Rej swam here the next day. 
Lienel and I stayed behind, under the shade where the searing heat of the sun’s rays wouldn’t reach us. 

Happy to sit here and chill. I even brought a book with me to read. Not much of an #OOTD for the ‘Gram on this trip. My mindset was to travel light and just enjoy the moments. 
Still, the place was amazing so with Lienel as a willing photographer, I happily posed for some shots.

Swinging all my troubles away.
Though the two of us decided eventually to have our own fun swimming in the pool and taking photos of each other. 

Ryan was supposed to be part of this trip but he backed out at the last minute since Sundays were usually family day for him and his mom had planned to celebrate her birthday that weekend – a day earlier than her actual birthday. I wish he came of course but I’m still glad I came because I opened myself up not only to a new experience but new people particularly Lienel and Alfred whom I usually just see and chat with briefly at the gym.

Beautiful scenery. Good food. A comfortable place to stay in at. Plus a whole lot of laughter in between chit chats. That’s my weekend at Pico de Loro. 

Every now and then, people surprise you – in a good kind of way. These people made my weekend fun, relaxing and truly unforgettable.💓