July is my birth month. During this time, I usually make plans to celebrate with my friends, treating them to a nice dinner at the very least if not a party. For the second year in a row though, I welcomed my birthday in quarantine and no celebration. I thought about it. For a while back, I thought I’d throw a little backyard lunch with friends at home but as the days went by, I nixed the idea altogether. Aside from the fact that COVID-19 is still around, I didn’t want to spend. Instead, I gave myself the nice gift of a break. A nice, long week without work. I loved every minute of it too! I had time on my hands for all the things I wanted to do. And then I went back to work and that one week of blissful rest went out the window in just a couple of days. July has some good parts to it; some sad part and some really stressful parts. This is the summary of my July wrap up.

2021 GoodReads Reading Challenge

Because I was on leave for a week, I was able to read, read, and read. I was able to read 3 books which brings my total number of books read as of July, to 9 out 20! Check out my reviews of the books I read.

How I Spent My Week Long Leave

A must highlight for my July wrap up – I got my 2nd dose of vaccine. Added protection from COVID-19. Just in time too! Our government finally admitted the Delta variant is here. After a couple of months! Is there no end to this incompetent, incredibly greedy and selfish “leadership”?

July wrap up: fully vaccinated!

Had dinner with a couple of friends on my birthday (their treat). Went on a photo walk around Makati. And finally, checked out a couple of food shops in the city with a couple of friends. This is the most I ever went out since COVID-19 pandemic began. And probably going to be the last for now.

Also did a little bit of gardening and writing. I joined Wattpad and I’m writing stories again.

Oh and I got this chocolate cake surprise too from Fifth Gear PR! Gotta love PR agencies that know how to care for their media friends even us little ones.

July wrap up: a surprise birthday cake

A Purchase I Regret

My closet which my parents bought for me way back when I was a teenager’s giving in and screaming for replacement. I’ve been looking for a replacement at SM and Landmark. But got swayed to buy from a small IG shop instead because they had a buy 1 take 1 sale. I thought what a bargain to be receiving 2 cabinets and paying only for 1! I feel like I didn’t get my money’s worth. The closet arrived after chasing them for a status. Their email confirmation had told me it was in 2-3 days but I got it more than a week later and I only got 1 item. Still waiting for the vendor to deliver the other one. And to top it off, when I finally had the cabinet setup, it couldn’t be done because there are missing parts. Seriously bad service. I wish I just bought one from SM. I wouldn’t have this headache.

Sometimes, it’s really just better to buy things from a physical store and an established brand.

My Net Worth

How much are you worth? Do you know? I honestly always wanted to know what’s my net worth. This after all these years of hearing Hollywood reporters talking about A-list celebs and how much they’re worth. So I finally decided last month to find out. I knew of course that I’m not in the millions like Kim Kardashian. But my gosh. I am shocked! Because after calculating my calculating my assets and liabilities, well, I’m so far batting negative. Not kidding. I really wasted a lot of money in the past. The only good thing to come out of it is now I know and I am already taking steps to fix that. I’m listing down my assets and liabilities every month now.

If you want to know your net worth too, here’s an easy guide.


So as I mentioned, my July wrap up can be described as sad and stressful – some parts of it. Work is where the bulk of the stress and sadness this month came from. I’m sad because a good friend and colleague of mine resigned and transferred work. Just last month, another good colleague resigned. And now, there’s a shortage of employees at our office so I’m left to handle things on my own for now. Definitely stressful. Though of course I am hanging on. This will pass. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

So that’s it for July wrap up. August isn’t off to a good start because we’re going back to the strictest quarantine measure again. Dine ins al fresco or indoors alike are now no longer allowed as you would see from my featured photo which I took yesterday when I went to run a quick errand at the mall. Hopefully the government makes use of this time to test, trace and isolate so we don’t end up like India or Indonesia. I pray we won’t. It’s scary what’s happening there. Stay safe everyone. Let’s continue to pray that more vaccines arrive and more people get jabbed. I’m so ready to say goodbye to this pandemic.