Only recently I was sharing how July went for me on my monthly wrap up post and now I’m already writing another! What can I say about my August wrap up really? No travel. No meet ups with friends. Just a quick trip to the mall for an errand. See that photo above? That’s Glorietta on a weekend nowadays. Hardly anyone around.

It’s not surprising that this month was spent mostly at home. Philippines started August with another hard lockdown. ECQ Season 3 because of Delta variant. I hate how our government continues to gaslight us and how reactive they have been when it comes to the pandemic response. I wish I could move to another country for awhile. I’d move my family abroad in a country listed to be one of the best places to be while Delta wreaks havoc.

Reading Update

Well, I end August without making progress in my 2021 GoodReads Challenge. I decided early on what to read: Learn Love in Week by Andrew Clover but I haven’t finished it yet. I’ve been easily distracted or too busy to read. But I am enjoying the book I am reading. and will definitely do a review once I am finished.

August Wrap Up: How’s Work?

It’s still busy, busy, busy at the office. Though good news for me is that I finally have a new team member working hand in hand with me in one of the major accounts I’m handling. Still new and lots to teach but this one’s definitely better than the last guy who lasted less than a month.

Also got a few job opportunity offers this month. I haven’t been actively exploring because I’m not entirely ready to move on. But I’m open to explore. Who knows? Might be a good offer. One thing’s for sure though – having job opportunities knocking on my door made me feel good again. Reminded me that I am still a valuable commodity despite what others might think.

August Wrap Up: Let’s Eat!

I’ve been indulging myself and my family at home with delicious foods. Grateful I have income which allows me to do this.

august wrap up highlight: new pizza place

Tried this cornerstone pizza from Livingstones Pizza. It’s a new pizza stall at San Lorenzo Mall which I spotted last June when I accompanied my uncle to get his first vaccine shot. When I finally saw they are available for food delivery via Foodpanda, I made a note to order when I have the budget. Actually it’s not expensive. It’s just about Php200+. Good pizza for its price.

august wrap up: milk tea

Also helped myself to milk tea and chicken chops from Serenitea one time for a work snack break. It’s the first time in a long while that I had Serenitea. This used to be my best friend and mine’s go-to drink after gym since there’s a Serenitea shop nearby.

Lasagna and brownies from Ninong Ben’s Kitchen. Good lasagna! Brownies are good too – not too sweet. Will be ordering from him again.

Financial Win

Worthy of mention in this August wrap up is I was able to fully pay another credit card! Just have two more to go but this is definitely another good development towards reaching financial freedom. Still saving, lessening expenses and budgeting too. Though I’m still looking for ways to augment my income. I continue to worry about the stability of my job in all honesty especially as the pandemic persist. Who knows if we get another salary cut? At least when I’m not dependent on my job’s income, I will be okay.


I once talked about including workout in my morning routine. This month, I upped my fitness game by adding personal fitness training. I finally decided to use up my remaining PT sessions from the gym since the trainer was willing to do home visits. Lucky we have a garage so that’s where we train.

What to Watch on Netflix

Lastly, let me leave you with a new what-to-watch recommendation. I recently finished the comedy drama., The Chair starring Sandra Oh. It’s about a woman of color, the first to become the chair at a major University who tries to meet the demands and high expectations of a failing English department.

Even if you’re not an academe (i’m not!), I think you’ll be hooked on this show. It’s only a 6 episode series so you’ll quickly finish this. Hopefully Netflix renews this and gives us Season 2 with more episodes.

That’s it for my August wrap up! And since tomorrow, it’s September, I am sure people are going to post “Wake me up when September ends” from that Greenday song. I say, wake me up when we have a better government or when this pandemic ends whichever comes first.