I’ve been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin again. Despite the bad things happening in the world and in my life, I still have reasons to be happy. For instance, just thinking the weekend is coming around that already makes me happy. Indulging in a bubble bath that’s also happiness right there. Now if I only had a bath tub at home!

Well let’s go talk about the things that did make me happy.

Happiness List

  • Mom finally getting her first vaccine dose

After two other unsuccessful times, she finally received her first dose. She got Astrazeneca and only felt minimal side effects.

  • Pay raise

I know the company’ not out of the woods yet but still I got a raise. Every additional amount of money is absolutely helpful in helping me become more financially independent.

  • Seeing new growth on my plants

The snake plant I propagated a while back? I spotted new leaves growing from it. And as a cherry on top, I also spotted another plant growing from the same pot where the propagated snake plant is. How it got there I have no idea but I’m thrilled about it!

  • Free sundae on a hot afternoon

I answered an online survey about their service and got the sundae in exchange.

  • Getting paid for blogging

I wrote a post for Payu2Blog a while back and recently got paid! I’m seriously thrilled that my little blog now earns me some extra cash every now and then.

  • Free pizza

Best things in life are free and it’s even more awesome when it’s free food!

  • Winning a pitch

I talked about our proposal being shortlisted on my last What Happy Looks Like post, Well, we won the account!

  • Trying a new restaurant and finding out they serve delicious food

I found out recently about this new cafe and wine resto that’s not located in the mall. Dined in and it was satisfactory! I specially loved the burnt cheesecake which my friend and I devoured in record time!