As a pet owner, we like to think of our cat or our dog as part of our family. Even consider them as our own child. And so we see to it that they have things they need in order to live a long good and healthy life. Food and clean water. Vet and grooming visits. Pet collars and leashes for dogs so they can be walked out for exercise. Some even go as far as buying diapers and pet strolleys for their pets.

When I became an adult and started working, I thought I couldn’t be a pet owner. I was never home to take care of them. Plus I thought I didn’t want the additional unnecessary expenses that came with taking care of them such as the things I mentioned above. Yup – I considered those to be unnecessary expenses. But life took a different turn for mom and I last year when the pandemic started and we were both home more often than not. We became unintentional pet owners. It started with the cat, Lucky. Then earlier this year, the dog, we call Showie. And suddenly, all those unnecessary expenses I once considered are now investments.

Well, if you love your pets, you’d do anything to make them happy the way they make you happy, safe and protected right? I know I do. These pets of mine have brought so much joy in our lives that’s for sure!

Home Addition for Pet Safe Keeping

Are you a pet owner too? Here’s an investment that’s also worth having at home – pet screens. It’s like bug screens – only it’s made of tougher material so you can have your windows open to let the air flow freely, keep the critters out while also making it safe from pets since it can withstand clawing, nipping or your pet putting its weight on the screen.

While our cat’s behaved and easy going, the dog’s been quite the opposite. She likes to get out of the house and does so by pushing the screen from our door. I adore the dog so much but not gonna lie – I don’t appreciate shelling out money to keep replacing broken screens.

This is Showie. She looks so peaceful and easy to care for when she’s sleeping. But when she’s got her energy up, she can be a handful!

A pet proof screen installed on your windows or doors is a must have product if you’re a pet owner. More than saving you money from having to keep replacing broken screens, it will give you peace of mind that your house pet won’t be getting out so easily. Quality Window Screen understands that no pet owner wants the stress and heartbreak of losing fur babies because we left a window open or in my case, a door screen got broken because of the dog’s excited push.

Having been home this much has really made me notice a lot of things that need work in our house. A pet resistant screen is now part of the home addition I’ll definitely be working on for the love of my pets.