I’ve always wanted to change up the look and feel of my bedroom. It’s a room that I’ve been sleeping in since I was seven or eight years old. I remember my parents escorting me to this room that was going to be my bedroom from thereon out with my new roommates – my aunts. Fast forward to years later, I no longer had roommates and the bedroom was all mine but there have only been some little changes in how it looks. For instance, the only pieces of furniture that are mine are my bed and the study table my parents bought for me in my teen years. All the rest are from way back! I’ve wanted to make it my own room without having to change the furniture. The answer? Make it a hygge bedroom.

A Botched Bedroom Project

This is not the first time I’ve wanted to change the look of my bedroom. Some years back, I tried! I talked to my best friends about it too and got one of them, a future architect, to design my room for me. My only requirement then was that no furniture will be changed. They’re big, wooden and most likely expensive furniture! Finally, we settled on a simple paint job to spruce up my room a combination of green and blue. I didn’t really know of themes back then. I just knew colors and that I love colorful stuff!

Unfortunately, I botched up that whole change-my-bedroom-look project. First, I picked out a way too dark green paint for my walls. I wanted apple green but I was in a funky mood when mom and I went paint shopping. Picked out the first green I could find without giving it so much as a second thought! Then we got sky blue paint. Definitely not the best color combination out there. Secondly, I didn’t get professionals to do the job. And lastly, I didn’t bother to supervise.

I was going to do a room reveal to my friends when it was finished. But well it was a horrible outcome! One I’m still living with! I swore off any design projects after that… until recently.

The Little Changes I’ve Made to Achieve a Hygge Bedroom

The major consideration in wanting to adopt a hygge bedroom theme are pieces of furniture existing in the room. I needed a theme that will work in consideration of them. A hygge bedroom theme is perfect because I already have wooden furniture and wooden floors to start with. Here are the other ways I’m achieving a hygge bedroom


My interest in taking care of plants fell perfectly in theme with a cozy bedroom. I’ve got a number of plants sitting in my window sill.

Scented Candles

Also another thing I’ve loved since last year! I love how they make my room smell so nice! I’ve got various scents ranging from cocoa, watermelon and some fragrant flowers. Planning to add more scented candles to my collection!

Surrounding Myself with Things I Love

My room has a small bookshelf where I put books I’ve yet to read. Definitely been a book lover since I was a kid so I continue to surround myself with books. I also have one of my travel photos framed and displayed and some dried flowers. Earlier this year, I even got a canvas print of Venice, Italy. It’s been my ultimate dream travel!

Cleaning up Clutter and Keeping the Room Tidy

This has been quite a challenge for me to do because I’ve got so much stuff! Though slowly but surely, I’ve been learning to let go of items that no longer bring me joy. It’s also been a challenge for me to keep my room tidy at all times. I leave stuff lying around! But I’m always trying to make an effort to clean up these days.


I read that a hygge bedroom is also about soft lighting. Though I’m not about to get rid of my overhead white light, I do have a table lamp that emits yellow light. I can’t sleep without lights on! Soon I’m going to replace it with a nicer lamp too!

Neutral Colors

A hygge bedroom is also about neutral colors. So far, I’ve got that part down on my pillowcases which are mostly white and beige. As for furniture and the walls, well I’m gonna have to work on those! And I think the answer to that is contact paper!

Read that those self-adhesive materials are great for furniture, walls and pretty much anything you can think of! Wood contact paper will go particularly well in updating the look of my cabinets. It’s perfect in hiding the hideous paint job in my cabinet which I never wanted to be painted you know? DIY lovers out there will probably love checking out the different contact paper designs and its many functional uses. If you’re looking to buy, check out Astek Home.

My hygge bedroom is a work in progress. But I celebrate every little progress I’ve made with it. Ultimately, the goal is to live a hygge lifestyle.