I’ve been watching a couple of reality TV series related to real estate recently – Selling Sunset, Selling Sunset OC, and The Parisian Agency. Although these reality series also involve some drama – a lot of drama for Selling Sunset – I’ve been loving the luxury homes featured in the shows. It fuels my dream of someday having a house I can call my own. Okay, so maybe I can’t really afford the kind of houses they’re selling in the shows because I have to be a multi-millionaire for that (LOL!) but I do have a vision of what I want for the house I’d love to own in the future.

What I Want in My Dream Home

When I was a kid, my dream home consisted of a pool, a balcony on the second floor, and a garden. But I realized how tasking the upkeep of a pool is over the years and the water bill would definitely give me a shock! LOL!

Let me tell you what my dream home looks like these days:

A garden backyard

During the height of the lockdown brought about COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people including me became plant titos/plant titas, as we discovered the joys and calming effect brought on by having plants. When I couldn’t go out because of the alarming number of cases of people with COVID, I would just tend to my plants – repotting them, watering them and just observing them as they sprouted new leaves or flowers. In the mornings, I would go to our backyard and sip my coffee in peace, communing with Mother Nature right at home. So I definitely would like a garden backyard in my own home.

I’d love for that backyard to be spacious enough that I can also set up an outdoor table and chairs where occasionally I can have friends and family over for lunch or dinner too when the weather is nice. Plus a nice spacious garden will be good for my pets to run around in.

Reading Room

As a book lover, it’s been my dream to have a reading room at home. It’ll have shelves with all my books displayed on them and a cozy couch to sit on so I can read. I’ve been reading and collecting books since I was a kid though I’ve had to let go of most of them, especially during the height of the pandemic and I had to sell them to pay off my credit card debts. But there’s always a book or two that catches my attention so I often buy books. My list of must-read books is already very long!

Bathroom with a BathTub

I know a bathtub isn’t something you’d typically find in a bathroom in the Philippines but I definitely want one for mine! Whenever I do a hotel staycation, I often aim to get a room that has a tub! After a long day, I think it’s nice to unwind with a warm bubble bath, light up a scented candle, and even read a book while in the tub. Actually, a friend of mine gifted me with a portable bathtub two Christmases ago and I’ve loved using it! I just dislike the part that I have to assemble and disassemble again after use. LOL!

A Kitchen with Bigger Windows

Lastly, I’d love it if I live in a house with a kitchen that has big windows to allow natural light to come in more. Maybe if I had a beautiful kitchen, I’d be encouraged to cook more. Our current kitchen’s pretty dark to look at. Reasons, reasons! LOL!

My Next Big Spend?

When I was younger, the things I spent money on were more fashion items such as clothes and shoes. Then I spent money on traveling as it became more affordable thanks to budget airlines. While I still want to travel, (hello Europe and US!), I’ve also been mulling over the idea of finally buying a house I can call my own.

To achieve my dream house, I’ll need a lot of space. In Metro Manila where I live, space is a big issue nowadays. Most people are buying homes outside NCR! If I could have my way, I’m not moving away. I love living here! Luckily, there’s a house in the Metro that’s big and spacious! And it’s in a prime location. I don’t know yet the selling price of the house since it’s not for sale, not yet anyway. But once it is, a mortgage checker will come in handy just so I have a better idea of the monthly mortgage I have to pay.

Is it a good time to buy property in the Philippines? PH real estate outlook for 2023 says yes! It’s looking bright as we rise from the impacts of COVID-19. Am I ready to buy a house? I checked this article and it has a helpful checklist of signs to say you’re ready to buy a house! When the current owner of the house I’m eyeing finally decides to sell, I’ll be ready to make an offer.