I was on a reading streak again this September! I finished 3 books this month which ups my 2021 GoodReads Reading Challenge to 12 out of 20 books. The last time I was able to do that was in July (Check out My July Reads). So what area part of my September reads? Well it’s two books from Lauren Conrad and a standalone novel from Andrew Clover.

Learn Love in a Week

I started reading this book in late August. I’m not usually drawn to this kind genre – English fiction. But I found the plot interesting. I saw this at Fully Booked previously when I was browsing their shelves pre-pandemic times. I was able to buy it at Big Bad Wolf Books sale back in 2019.

The Book Plot

After ten years of marriage, Polly and Arthur are at a crisis point.


Arthur is the IKEA wardrobe of husbands. He looks good in the pictures, but if you ask him to hold anything, his back pops out.


‘I have the libido of the Giant Panda. I know what sex leads to. It leads to a small person who likes to post toast in the DVD player.’

Can they learn to love again? And if they can, will they still choose each other?

Thoughts on the Book

The reviews of the book are right – it is an amusing read about relationships. It’s also insightful. Married or not, this book is about relationships and what it takes to make it work. Readers will be able to relate. I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars on GoodReads. Glad it made my September reads.

LA Candy Book 1 and 2

First time I saw this book was in 2011. I liked it so much that even though I only read a part of it, already called LA Candy a must-read book! LA Candy is Lauren Conrad’s debut novel. Lauren Conrad was a television star best known for her hit reality show, Laguna Beach back in the heydays of MTV.

Bought the series from Big Bad Wolf Books book sale event as well before the pandemic. I was so thrilled to have found the series after all this time. It’s not available in bookstores anymore. Must admit that for a time, I thought of no longer reading the series and just selling the books.

The Book Plot

What’s LA Candy series about? In a gist – it’s three part story about two teenage girls, Jane Roberts and her best friend, Scarlett Harp who move to LA and were discovered to star in a reality series called LA Candy. I’ve only been able to finish reading LA Candy and Sweet Little Lies. Currently still on Sugar and Spice, the third book. I was hoping I could include it in my September reads but well no such luck. I’m only halfway through it.

Thoughts on the Book

I think the stories are very entertaining.

I never watched Laguna Beach back when it was airing. But that’s not to say I don’t enjoy reality TV! Just not Laguna Beach kind until The Kardashians aired. The books seemingly hint on what really goes on behind the scenes of reality TV aka manufactured reality. Some speculate that the stories may be based on Lauren Conrad’s real life. That she’s Jane Roberts in the story.

Whatever the truth is, the point is the books are a guilty pleasure! I wanted to keep on reading to find out what happens next.