Netflix recently released All of Us Are Dead, a South Korean horror web series. Since I highly enjoyed watching the Korean horror film, Train to Busan last year and because I’m a fan of horror, I definitely wanted to check it out. Got the chance to watch the first 4 or 5 episodes with my friends. Just gonna say watching horror shows is so much more fun with company.

What All of Us Are Dead is All About

So this web series is about a zombie apocalypse that starts at a high school and eventually spreads out to the city of Hyosan. It starts with a science experiment gone wrong forcing a group of students to find a way to survive in school without a means of communication, no food, and no water. I read it’s based on a webtoon.

Why It’s Worth the Watch

All of Us Are Dead hooked me right from the start! And it only gets exciting as the series progressed. How in the world would a bunch of students be able to survive the zombie apocalypse? I know my heart raced every time anyone of them had a zombie encounter. My friend, Mai, screamed the loudest during those moments of suspense.

But while it’s a horror movie, there’s also drama, comedy, and a bit of romance. I definitely rooted for On-jo and Cheong-san who were childhood friends and neighbors. Though I found On-jo to be an annoying character. If Cheong-san wasn’t around, girl would probably be dead already!

And I so had a crush on Lee Su-hyeok played by Park Solomon. I don’t have a lot of Korean crushes (I liked Lee Min Ho briefly) but he caught my eye from the getgo. Actually, he caught all of our eyes. What a cutie! I liked him a lot that followed him on Instagram.

If We Were in a Zombie Apocalypse

And because I watched some parts of this series with my friends, we couldn’t help but wonder and reflect on the series, putting ourselves in their situation.

What if you found yourself in a zombie apocalypse? Do you think you could survive?

What if one of your friends got bitten by a zombie? Would you kill him/her while he/she was turning into a zombie?

What do you think your role would be if you were in a zombie apocalypse?

Would you find a group of people to be with or would you go at it alone during a zombie apocalypse?

What kind of people do you think you’d want to be with during a zombie apocalypse?

I will say this much – if I ever found myself in a zombie apocalypse, I’d do whatever it took to survive. I’d be scared but I trust my survival instincts will kick in. Also, if any one from my companions or friends turn in to a zombie, sorry but yes, I will kill him/her. We were engrossed by this series! We even mentally took notes of things we could use to fight off zombies in the event that we ever find ourselves in one.

Season 2 for All of Us Are Dead

Netlfix hasn’t announced anything yet but that’s probably because it’s so new. But it’s catching on. It has already made it to the Philippines Top 10 shows this week. The more important question isn’t if there will be but could there be a potential for Season 2?

Season 2 could be about the Hambies (half human, half zombie) led by Nam-ra. The creators ended the other surviving characters’ stories when they were rescued.