I’m back with a wrap-up post and since this is the love month, I’m going to share five things I loved this February. If you’re looking for my wrap-up post in January, there isn’t one on account that I stayed home for almost the entire month since Omicron COVID-19 virus surge happened. I considered writing one since I did that during the Delta surge where I talked about how I spent those days at home in my August wrap up post. Just didn’t feel like it though this time around.

February’s a little better for us here in the Philippines. The surge has subsided and NCR, where I am, is about to be downgraded to Level 1 category of lockdown. I’m glad the situation’s better and I hope it stays that way!

My First Travel Out of Town

I finally said yes to my cousin who’s been inviting me to go for a long drive with him for months now. I went to Tagaytay with him one Friday morning just to have breakfast and coffee at The Ruined Project at Crosswinds. It was just a quick trip. We were back in Manila by lunchtime.

My featured photo is an early morning photo of South Super Highway. I took that when my cousin and I stopped at a gas station so he could get coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I was happy I was able to unwind even for a little while as I’ve been so stressed and exhausted at work. I want to do that again! I’ve missed traveling so much.

Showie’s Barkday/Anniversary

We celebrated Showie’s barkday this month. I just say it’s her barkday but it’s really the anniversary of her arrival in our home. We don’t know her barkday. Her previous owner didn’t know either.

Hard to believe this darling dog was just a pup last year. Now she’s all grown up and even a mom of two! I bought her a cake from Woof Cakes & Treats. She loved it and I am thrilled! With all the love and joy she brings to our family, I thought it was only right to celebrate her barkday/anniversary.

The Wonderful Surprise of The Lunar Year

Of course, I can’t forget to include in my list of five things I loved in February the most exciting thing that happened this month!

Meet Luna (brown) and Tiger (white)

We got puppies! Two adorable puppies. These are Showie’s little ones. Mom and I didn’t know she was pregnant. Then I just woke up on the first day of the month, the Lunar New Year, and found that our dog was giving birth! Anyway, so she had these two wonderful puppies that I named Luna and Tiger because they were born during the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Tiger.

A New Blooming Tradition with Friends

We’ve been setting a weekend a month to meet up and do something. That something’s mostly been dining out at a restaurant we’ve not been before. Last month, it was 1120 House and this month, it’s La Luna Cafe which I’ve yet to write about!

The Book I Loved

Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to read any book this month, I was wrong! It’s all thanks to The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. It was the right book to really get me reading this month. I now know why bookworms raved about this book. It’s a great read and that’s why it makes it to my five things I loved this February list.

Well that’s about it for my February wrap-up post! How about you guys? How did February go for you?