The month of July was an eventful month and so I’m here writing my July 2022 wrap-up post. And for the past month, as the title of this post says, most of what I have to share has to do with my health. When I say health, I don’t just mean physical health or mental health though yes, it’s part of – actually the majority of what I’ll be sharing. Though there’s also a bit on financial health.

Goodbye Credit Card Debt

So I’ll start my July 2022 wrap-up post by talking about my biggest win – eliminating credit card debt. Regular readers of this blog might remember how I shared my goal to pay off all my credit card debts. Last month, I’m happy to report that I was finally able to achieve that. Yay! Now I can put more money into savings and investments.

It was a struggle for sure, especially during the times when I had a pay cut. With discipline, I’m finally here, wiping the slate clean. If you also have credit card debts to pay off, I shared some tips on how to eliminate credit debt.

My Covid-19 Health Scares

Got tested for Covid-19. This is one of the key events in my July 2022 wrap-up
If you need to get the Covid-19 test, check out Accutest across Glorietta 3. No lines!

For the first time since the pandemic happened, I found myself a close contact of a confirmed Covid case. Not once. But twice!

The first time was early in July when I attended a company gathering. It was my friend from work. She turned out to be a close contact of another colleague/friend who turned out to be Covid positive. A few days later, she too was Covid positive. That first time, I was really worried that I might be infected too. I wasn’t showing any symptoms but what if I was asymptomatic? I worried because I lived in a household full of seniors though they’re all vaccinated. Mostly, I worried I would miss a trip I was so looking forward to.

My second scare came just about a week later when two other friends turned out to be Covid positive. Both times I showed no symptoms. Both times I tested negative. I definitely got lucky. And I thank God and my immune system for being strong.

Still, those were close calls. Reminded me that we just can’t keep our guards down. We are still in a pandemic.

Facing a medical fear

So I finally am about to have insurance thanks to my company for getting me one. But getting one hasn’t been as easy for me as it is for my other colleagues. In order to get insured, I needed to get a colonoscopy test and show that I’ve got a healthy gut. My mother has a history of colon cancer and so my chances of getting one were high.

It’s been a test I’ve avoided getting since I was in my 20s. Any time I tried to apply, it wouldn’t push thru because I kept refusing. First, because colonoscopy’s not cheap. And second and the more pressing reason is that I’m scared of what the test might say.

Well, I finally said yes to taking the test this time around. Fantastic news – my gut is healthy! Of course, I was still scared as hell! I even cried. I was so anxious about the whole thing. It was something I had to manage and part of why I couldn’t even bring myself to write.

But I did it because the insurance offer from my company is too good to pass off. And also because I just can’t seem to avoid it. If I would be insured, I had to take the test.

Hello Again, Fitness First

Also including in my July 2022 wrap-up is that I've enrolled back at the gym
Back at Fitness First

When I decided to finally fix my finances aka eliminate bad debt, I canceled my gym membership. It was eating a good amount of money monthly even when I hadn’t been using it. Plus, I finally faced up to the truth that I can exercise at home. All I needed was motivation and discipline to do so. So why am I back at the gym?

I’ve missed seeing other people and attending group classes. Fitness First offers so many great group classes that are available from morning ’til evening.

This is my way of committing to continue living a healthy lifestyle so I will keep diseases at bay and I stay strong and fit.

Happy Birthday to Me

Oh and of course, not to be missed in my July 2022 wrap-up post – my birthday. I had a low-key birthday celebration. Check out the IG reel I did, documenting my simple celebration.

Health is an important aspect of our lives that should not be neglected and this pandemic has especially highlighted its value to me more than ever. Am happy that when I look back at my July 2022 wrap-up post about my health, it’s a lot of positive news.

How was your July, guys?