When I think of summer, I think of traveling. But when I do, I think of exploring museums. Browsing books at the local bookstore. Having coffee and reading a book at a coffee shop. And just walking around, exploring the city. Still, if I feel like it, I would go with people who invite me to. And that is why, I’m booked for a trip to the beach with my friend, Nicole! It’s my first out-of-town trip in more than two years! I went to Tagaytay earlier this year which is also an out-of-town trip but that was very quick. This time, I’m going to be away for a few days. The last travel I had before this pandemic was also at the beach when I went to Siargao so I’m pretty excited about this. Already, I’ve been making a mental list of what to bring aka my beach essentials.

  • Sunscreen

This is number one on the list of essentials to bring for a beach trip. When I was younger, sunscreen is something my mom always packed but I hardly bothered to use on a swimming trip. One time, I sunbathed without it and got a really bad sunburn! I learned my lesson well.

  • A Beach Bag

Of course when we talk of beach essentials, a beach bag is a must, right? What would I use to store all my stuff in? Thing is, because I hardly ever went to the beach, I didn’t have the right kind of bag. On my last beach trip, we went island hopping and I used a cloth tote bag. All my stuff got soaking wet! Ultimate fail! Now while I won’t be doing any island hopping activity this time around, I still need to bring the right kind of beach bag. Luckily, my aunt just gave me a cute purple rattan bag!

  • Cute Slippers

This is on my list of things to buy before the trip. I’m choosing only between Toe Berries or Havaianas. Both are my kind of fashionable slippers but the price difference is huge! Toe Berries is super affordable while Havainas is more on the pricey side.

  • Light Make-Up

Whether a city trip or a beach trip, makeup is a must-have for me! Gotta be picture ready! The top three things I’ll have in my makeup kit would be tinted moisturizer like the one from Happy Skin, lip balm, blush and mascara.

  • Fashionable Swimsuits

I’ve been looking at swimsuits recently, thinking whether to buy a new one or not to take with me on my trip. There are so many styles to choose from right? Monokinis, two-piece bikini, one-piece, maillot, etc. If you like to mix and match, pick a cute swim top that you can pair with different bikini bottoms such as Microscope Internationa’s swim crop tops.

  • A Smartphone with a Great Camera

What do people like to say these days? For the ‘gram? Well, even before the day and age of social media, a camera’ always been an essential item to bring to any of my trip. I’m definitely going to take lots of pictures during my trip so I can have memories to look back on again. It’s a good thing smartphones these days come with a real good camera!

  • A Book to Read

I’ve got plenty of books still waiting to be read and considering this trip is all about rest and relaxation, I intend to put a dent on my reading list.

  • Shades

To protect my eyes from the sun and to subtly watch people aka guy hunt. LOL!