I’m on a mission to live a better life and part of that is improving my health. I was a gym rat before the pandemic hit but switched to home workouts for safety reasons. While fitness centers have opened, I’ve been choosing to continue my exercise at home while I fix my finances as well. Are you also working on your health? Don’t want to be tied down with a monthly gym membership? Here are my five favorite home workout videos that are worth checking out.

Body Project

High energy, low impact cardio workouts, that’s the Body Project. When I first started looking for home workout videos to subscribe to, this was one of the first I followed. They have workout videos ranging from 10mins, 30mins to an hour. What really drew me to this channel is the fact that their workouts are low impact. It’s definitely perfect for beginners and for those who are trying to get back on track with their health and fitness goals.

Yoga with Kassandra

I have been doing yoga home workouts for more than a year now ever since I discovered Yoga with Kassandra. When I had my personal trainings at the gym, my trainer used to comment about my tight muscles and had recommended yoga for me. But I rarely attended yoga at the gym since it either clashed with another class I want or just too darn lazy. Yoga hasn’t always been my cup of tea. But now? I’m almost always doing it every morning whether as a solo workout or as a warmup to another home workout.

I love Yoga with Kassandra because she speaks slowly and clearly. It helps me understand her instructions more easily while doing all those bends and stretches. Plus I love her short home workout videos! I usually go for her 10 mins or 15 mins workout when I’m either pressed for time in the morning or just feeling lazy but want to keep up with my exercise.

The Fitness Marshall

I enjoyed Body Jam classes and stayed a member at the gym just so I could attend the online classes when the pandemic hit. Unfortunately, by 2021, my work schedule no longer made it possible for me to attend the online classes. Good thing I found out about The Fitness Marshall from The Every Girl, an online lifestyle magazine I love reading. Even my mom loves to join me for a quick dance workout from time to time.

If you just want to move, do quick cardio with The Fitness Marshall. They have tons of short and highly enjoyable dance workouts you can try for free! And if you want more, they offer a paid subscription to access their longer dance videos.

Annie Taylor

Strength training should still be included even for home workouts. When I bought my first dumbbells, I tweeted about my purchase and got a recommendation to check out Annie Taylor’s channel. I gave her a try and ever since, she’s been included in my subscription list of Youtube fitness channels.

Mad Fit

This is my most recently added home workout video subscription. I found it through Youtube’s recommendation. I love the variation of workout videos in this channel though I’ve only gotten around to trying her arms and abs workout videos so far.

Thanks to short home workout videos like these, sticking to my health and fitness goals is easier. They’re quick but definitely effective! You’ll be sure to work up a sweat!